Sunday, 25 March 2012

Early Spring...Early Autumn

Spring is officially here! The clocks sprang forward by an hour overnight...and tonight it will be light until 7pm. It's also been a beautiful, sunny few days. It makes such a difference to everyone's mood...people I pass in the street smile at me and everything seems brighter and more cheerful. It's been said before, I know, but I wonder whether the British would be less shy & standoffish - more outgoing if our weather was less gloomy?

My daily walks with Alice are a joy at this time of the seems that something new and green appears every morning! She is constantly snuffling the air & ground for all the exciting new season's scents (exciting to a dog, that is!)
On Friday, we found this woodland shelter that someone had made...

there was a handy log to sit on in looked quite cosy!
The gorse bushes are flowering now, with their coconut-fragranced yellow blooms..

The wild violets are just beginning to emerge on the hill too...cowslips won't be far behind!
On the other side of the world...Autumn is just beginning. And with it has come some raging weather...the worst flash floods in Esther's town for 100 years. She and the children battled home on Thursday through it...luckily they live on top of a hill. The Maroochy river burst its banks and caused a huge amount of damage to shops and homes. It's impossible for me to believe that when I left only 3 weeks ago, the road down to the sea looked like this...

 and on Thursday, it had turned into this...
There have been some freak weather conditions in other parts of the world,too, I know...causing disruption at best...death & destruction at worst. Mother Nature constantly reminds us not to take her for granted.
When I walk in the peaceful, green hills....bathed in the first warm sunshine of the new season...I feel very lucky to live here - where it's generally temperate and mild.
Especially when I happen upon a sight like this...
I hope that you've had a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

And's Spring!

It's been the most glorious weekend. Sunny & warm....light, cool breezes. Perfect.

The churchyard is full of daffodils now. the ones in the top picture are miniatures, that nestle in the shelter of the old church wall...little golden trumpets...

I spent most of yesterday morning tidying our garden. Alice mooched about while I pruned and pulled out dead wood and overhanging leaves. I also planted my first batch of bee-friendly seeds...highly coloured and scented mixed annual & perennial flowers that will keep the little sweeties happy as they flit around the garden this summer!

Although they are pretty active should be able to see the mass of bees around the entrance to the hive. As soon as the weather turns milder and the sun shines on their home they emerge...zooming everywhere and returning with their legs absolutely weighed down with bright yellow pollen.

You may be able to spot the bee working hard in the centre of this photo...the crocuses have been a prime target for them all weekend!

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments...they mean such a lot to me! Welcome to new readers, too. I hope you find plenty to enjoy here...and that you are enjoying a wonderful weekend too!
With love xo