Friday, 14 May 2010

Flying down to Monte...

So tomorrow lunchtime the two of us plus my parents are flying down to the South of France....picking up a sailing ship (a real one, with billowing white sails!) in Cannes...and taking a week to visit some of the beautiful ports and places along the French & Italian coast...

Our first destination is Monaco - the luxurious state you see in the photograph. I'm so looking forward to it visiting some of the most gorgeous destinations on the Mediterranean, and being on such an amazing ship...and spending some proper, relaxing time with my family. I'm taking my camera, of I'll be able to share it all with you when I return.

And (as I'm sure you're wondering!) Alice will be well looked after here....we have good friends moving in so that she'll be looked after in her own home, and China will be staying as well!

Enjoy your week, I can't wait to tell you everything!



Sunday, 2 May 2010

And the winner is....

JANIE!! I put all the names into my big Bridgewater Hearts mug last night & your name was pulled out.

Congratulations - I will love to think of you drinking a cup of something lovely out of this gorgeous creation and hope that sometimes you'll think of me too!!

Please DM me your address on my Twitter page or you can e-mail me if you'd rather at and I'll post it off to you as soon as I can after the Bank Holiday on Monday.

I'm so sorry to all those who didn't win...but I'll be doing another giveaway very soon, I'm planning it already. Thanks so much for taking part and all the lovely comments.

Thanks, too, for all your support in the run-up to the awful protest held in our town yesterday. I'm really pleased to say that, due to a huge police presence (almost one officer to each protester!) and the residents of the town staying away to avoid passed off as smoothly as it could probably have done. There were 12 arrests, but most importantly it's OVER and they're GONE! Whatever they hoped to achieve didn't, I'm proud to say, work here!

Now we can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend! I hope you do too...xox