Friday, 24 September 2010

Giveaway Results...!

So, at 9am this morning I placed all the names of those who entered my giveaway into my favourite green bowl....took a big sip of coffee...closed my eyes....and pulled out a scrunched up piece of paper. And the name on that paper was.....ROSINDA!! Well done, sweetie.....beautiful package of goodies will be on it's way to you shortly and I so hope you enjoy everything and think of me when you use them!

I decided to add an extra gift to say thank you to my fab band of followers.

this lovely Leaf Identification book from The Woodland Trust. I have one myself and it's a great thing to slip in a pocket and take on walks. I pulled a second name out for that and the winner is .....GUILLAUME! If you could let me have your address by e-mailing I will send it on it's way to you!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, I really wish you could ALL win, but I'll have another giveaway soon!

I'm getting excited about my forthcoming trip to Australia....11 days and counting! LOT'S of baking to do, plus a Farmer's Market to get through before I go. But it's in sight now. I'll miss Paul & Alice so much, but it'll be so magical to spend time with Esther and her family and at least I'll have someone I love at both ends of the world to meet me of those hideously long flights! I'll also be spending my birthday niece, Scout, is planning an Ice Cream Extravaganza Party (who's birthday is it??!) so of course, I'll have to celebrate AGAIN when I get home, so two birthdays as well - how spoilt is that?!

Little Gizmo went to his new home on Wednesday. I'm missing him, but Alice is very happy that he's no longer here....she hated sharing us this time. Wonderful that he found somewhere permanent and so soon too - I couldn't wish for more really.

Today is dark, cold and rainy. Luckily I have lots of baking and writing to do, so it's good to be inside, warm and cosy, looking out....

We are having a bookshelf built in the large alcove in our front room....something I've wanted for so long! We have so many books, and buy more on a weekly basis. It's got so that we can't read those we have because the ones we want are at the bottom of a teetering this is amazing. It's just about to be painted, so all should be done before I go.

I'll write again soon - much to say at the moment, just not enough time! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy whatever you do. xoxo

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Birthday Giveaway & Gizmo

I can't quite believe that the anniversary of this blog has already seem like no time at all, and forever at the same time, if that makes sense?! Thanks so much to all who follow me, or just read my ramblings sometimes. I'm sorry that I haven't been so regular with my postings's something I'm trying to change! I'm so grateful that you've stuck with me and to say a proper THANK YOU I've organised my second giveaway, the winner of which will be drawn on 24th give you 10 days to comment & enter!

In this giveaway (which I've tried to make a combination of our Lakeland break and the Mediterranean cruise we took in May) the lucky recipient will receive....

some beach glass from the shore at St Tropez...where we saw Giorgio Armani strolling past! I can't guarantee that he actually stepped ON the pieces I'll send you...but maybe!! I'll pick two of my favourites from the hoard...


this sweet little Jemima Puddleduck fridge magnet...bought in true Beatrix Potter country! Bowness-on Windermere. Guaranteed to smarten up the dullest refrigerator....or anything else metal you'd like to embellish!


a little block of famous Kendal Mint Cake (the brown sugar version) For those who don't know what it is....hhmmm...a quintessentially pepperminty sugary block, used by countless British mountaineers to boost their energy while climbing huge peaks (also eaten by the rest of us....!) Great for hiking trips...or just after dinner with coffee! picture because my battery ran out and I want to post now...a gorgeous little Victorian teacup, saucer & cake plate trio. It's quite delicate, white background, painted in soft blues, greens, pinks & browns in a beautiful flower pattern, edged with a small yellow so pretty!
I bought it in a little junk shop in Carnforth, Lancashire - notable amongst us old movie buffs as having a railway station that was the setting for 1945's Brief Encounter!

There we have it. My super deluxe birthday blog giveaway...just leave me a comment (mention what you like best about my blog if you like? Then I'll try and give you more of it! I'm thinking of a redesign...) and I'll pick a random name out of Paul's fedora on September 24th at 9am. Then this super parcel may shortly afterwards land on your doormat. With love, and thanks, from me xox

Following our successful fostering of the lovely Gwilym (who is now happily living with his new forever family, I'm very happy to report) we decided to foster one more time. Little Gizmo came to us yesterday. He's a small, compact, black brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier...sweet natured, welcoming to dogs, cats and people of all shapes & sizes. He was born with a condition called Cherry Eye, and last week had a major operation to help his sight. He is amazingly resilient and would hardly know that his vision is restricted. We're giving him some warmth, care and love for a little while as he recovers.
He may not be the prettiest of dogs, but his big heart and handsome nature means that we hardly notice it.

Once again, anyone interested in owning (or fostering!) this lovely boy, you can visit Rescue Remedies for all the details.

It's raining hard. The birds are singing their twilight tunes. I need to think about supper and tomorrow's baking schedule...

Have a wonderful week xox

Thursday, 2 September 2010

September & the season slowly changes....

This morning was beautiful. It still is. Cool yet so bright and sunny. Dew on the grass, birds singing their hearts out. I had to be OUT there!

After deliveries, I put the dogs in the car and took off for our very favourite walk.....such a wonderful idea. There was no one else there at all (why??) and the hills were quiet and still in the sunshine. Late wild flowers lay everywhere...harebells, trefoil and these beauties

wild purple scabious, scattered abundantly in the deep green grass. The Boer War memorial is being renovated just now, scaffolding all over it. That's our usual halfway resting place, so today we sat on a handily placed fallen tree instead to look at this amazing view...

it's one I never tire of, one that changes with each day...they say that you can see 5 counties from here on a clear day. I believe it. Glorious.

We spent a long time up there and then wended our way back via the woods. I feel so full of September if that makes sense....the clearness, the brightness, the cleanness, the newness. It restores something in me, renews spirit and replenishes inspiration.

The great news is that Gwilym has found his new home, so this was one of my last walks with him. We'll miss him but are so pleased that he'll  soon be settled and loved forever.

My giveaway is coming very soon - putting the finishing touches to it, so happy new month and watch this space! xo