September & the season slowly changes....

This morning was beautiful. It still is. Cool yet so bright and sunny. Dew on the grass, birds singing their hearts out. I had to be OUT there!

After deliveries, I put the dogs in the car and took off for our very favourite walk.....such a wonderful idea. There was no one else there at all (why??) and the hills were quiet and still in the sunshine. Late wild flowers lay everywhere...harebells, trefoil and these beauties

wild purple scabious, scattered abundantly in the deep green grass. The Boer War memorial is being renovated just now, scaffolding all over it. That's our usual halfway resting place, so today we sat on a handily placed fallen tree instead to look at this amazing view...

it's one I never tire of, one that changes with each day...they say that you can see 5 counties from here on a clear day. I believe it. Glorious.

We spent a long time up there and then wended our way back via the woods. I feel so full of September if that makes sense....the clearness, the brightness, the cleanness, the newness. It restores something in me, renews spirit and replenishes inspiration.

The great news is that Gwilym has found his new home, so this was one of my last walks with him. We'll miss him but are so pleased that he'll  soon be settled and loved forever.

My giveaway is coming very soon - putting the finishing touches to it, so happy new month and watch this space! xo


  1. What a spectacular view!! YOu are so fortunate!

    I know, sometimes I go on walks and think, Why on earth am I the only one out here in paradise? But it's certainly not a complaint...i love being alone!

    Such September loveliness....

    xoxo Dawn

    p.s. such great news about Gwilym! though sad he his going just as I learned to spell his name. ;-)

  2. Dear Rachel,

    I must say, what a STUNNING view you have!! The photo actually gave me goosebumps - to know that you saw that just this morning. Ahhhh. Thank you for sharing that photo with us. I can only imagine what it will look like in the Fall! This world is filled with such beauty! Loved reading your post sweet friend! Hope you have a lovely day!! xo

  3. Oh Rachel..what a beautiful view...I could just see someone staying there absorbing it for hours! Love this time of year for walks, especially with our dog, temps are cool and the air will soon be crisp!

    Love your post...Blessings......
    xoxo Gert

  4. Wow, what a beautiful area you live in! What a view!

    So glad Gwilym found a loving home :) ♥

  5. Ah yes, of my two favorite months.

    I loved the walk and the view and I am happy that you've found a home for Gwilym and took such great care of him. How will Alice do?

    We have been COOKING here (I'm sure Sue told you). Last night we buttoned up as we awaited the hurricane (Sue was playing Rummy with the Nordlingers). NO HURRICANE, just high surf, thunder and lightning, and lots of heavy rain.

    I had canceled a dinner party in the hopes of avoiding a black-out, so I'm on for it again tonight.

    Sending love from a little Maine island,


  6. It appears that I cannot put a comment on your blog (aaarrrghhhh!). I will try again this time.

    Gorgeous picture. And yes, feeling full of September makes perfect sense, to me at least. I do feel like this too.

  7. hey Rachel:),

    what stunning scenes!! I love how you put it 'I feel full of September'. I could not agree more. What a wonderful feeling. It is my most favorite month:).


  8. Sigh.....that view, just breathtaking!


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