Flying down to Monte...

So tomorrow lunchtime the two of us plus my parents are flying down to the South of France....picking up a sailing ship (a real one, with billowing white sails!) in Cannes...and taking a week to visit some of the beautiful ports and places along the French & Italian coast...

Our first destination is Monaco - the luxurious state you see in the photograph. I'm so looking forward to it visiting some of the most gorgeous destinations on the Mediterranean, and being on such an amazing ship...and spending some proper, relaxing time with my family. I'm taking my camera, of I'll be able to share it all with you when I return.

And (as I'm sure you're wondering!) Alice will be well looked after here....we have good friends moving in so that she'll be looked after in her own home, and China will be staying as well!

Enjoy your week, I can't wait to tell you everything!




  1. Oh my exciting!! I know you will just have a 'fabulous' time and can't wait to see all your pictures. I know it will be just like being there! Tom's cousin has an apartment that over looks the Mediterranean Sea. We always thought it would be such fun to go there. But for now I will enjoy your pictures:)

    Blessings to you and your familly & have a safe trip.


  2. Hope you enjoy yourself there. It is hopefully one of my future travel destinations...

  3. My dear Rachel, that is an area I love so much!! You will have the most wonderful time not only seeing the sights, but being on a sail boat on that beautiful water! I am envious and am traveling with you in spirit!! Love, Silke

  4. Wow... talk about a dream trip! I can't begin to imagine how much fun that is going to be for you!! Enjoy! ♥

  5. Your trip sounds heavenly, I just wish that I could tag along! You will be there for the Monaco Grand Prix, the Cannes film festival, gosh how amazing! Ooh and just think of all the yummy food and sights that you will take in!
    Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, you all deserve it especially your Dad :)
    Lots of love and missing you already
    Morwenna xoxo

  6. Rachel dear, You're doing what my cousin Paul Lovejoy has described. He keeps a sailboat down there and uses it frequently.

    Can't wait to hear about your adventures. We all KNEW that your Alice would be well cared for. I got a chance to visit with Alice's look alike yesterday at an antique shop in Edmond, Oklahoma. Her name was Jazzy (Jasmine Shamrock), and she was quite a country lady.

    Sue and Joe are ensconced now as I'm sure you know. Can't wait to catch up with them and see them. Are you going to come out?

    We have four more weeks to go until Maine. Lots of work along the way, but finally, the joy of walking into our cottage, my favorite place on earth.

    Lots of catching up to do, but until then,



  7. Just saw this blog post of yours. Wow! I can't wait to hear more about this trip of yours. You must post pictures and tell us ALL about it!!! I can't wait!

  8. i can't wait to see photos from your trip. sounds so lovely:). we'll be in france in 2 weeks. I'm sorry we're missing each other. how nice it would be to meet up at a little french cafe and catch up properly:). thanks for your note, Rachel. It meant a lot for me to tell you all... and you are all such sweet and amazing women. have safe travels- i can't wait to hear more about them.


  9. Wow, what a great trip. Looking forward to the photos. Enjoy!

  10. Well better late than never as I catch up on blogs. Trip sounds amazing. Would love to sail on a tall ship to far away places and see new sights. Looking forward to your pictures and descriptions of your trip.


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