Sunday, 27 September 2009

Autumn in Soho....and those Primrose Hills!

We had another wonderful London weekend...the weather was absolutely amazing again, warm, sunny with cloudless blue skies. We took Alice to Soho on Saturday morning...she loves it there, all those tiny streets to sniff, lots of lovely gay men who take the time to stop & ruffle her head and we usually stop for a coffee outside somewhere so that she can sit under the table and watch the world go's a great and historic part of London. Even Mozart was here once, as a little boy! He stayed in Frith Street for a short home to very different musicians and one of the best places for coffee in London (especially at 2am if you've had too much to drink! x)

Once, on my way to Australia, I had a 9 hour stop in Japan and it was too far from the city to go anywhere so I just stayed at the gate and read a (big) book! I got talking, at 3am, to a lovely man from Louisiana who reminded me of 'Red' from The Shawshank Redemption. He was telling me about his niece who lived in London, and when I asked wherabouts he said 'She lives in the Primrose Hills', I had a little chuckle at the time because he made it sound so romantic and he'd obviously never set foot in our capital city and had the idea that it was still like a scene from Mary Poppins! But, standing on top of the Primrose Hill at 8.30 this morning and looking at the wondrous skyline bathed in misty morning sunlight - I suddenly realised that he may have been right all along.....

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  1. A lovely post Rachel, and your sweet mans 'The Primrose Hills' made me feel warm and fuzzy, thank you xo


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