Of mugs & men...

I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to other people making me tea or coffee. Not in my choices of drink particularly - coffee must be real, but otherwise I'm just black, no sugar please. Tea: Earl Grey or Lapsang, merest splash of soya or skimmed milk, no sugar. Thanks. I don't think that's too difficult. But it's mugs & cups that I'm funny about. My mum actually opens the cupboard at the farm & asks me to choose mine now before she starts! I admit, I'm just very fussy about the mugs I drink from. I can't bear chipped, stained, cheap ones. Logo ones are dodgy too. Ones that are free from petrol stations or at the back of an office cupboard are an absolute no.I'd rather go thirsty! For tea, vintage china cups are the ideal, but failing that Emma Bridgewater will do nicely. And for coffee I really prefer Starbucks limited editions or these beautiful things
from Brissi are perfect. We have them in duck egg blue or charcoal grey and I just adore them. They feel right! So, that's another of my foibles in the open....

Last Saturday we saw Jeff Goldblum & Mercedes Ruehl in Neil Simon's 'The Prisoner of Second Avenue' at the Vaudeville Theatre in London's Strand. We've seen Mr G in another play (like this one, a production from Kevin Spacey's Old Vic company) and he's such a great stage actor. Very physical and animated. This was the perfect vehicle for him....he played a neurotic insomniac who has a nervous breakdown in the Manhattan  summer of '71. Just wonderful - we laughed so much! It's on until September, go if you can.

I've just come back from the Farmer's Market (my monthly stall) and am now off to walk Alice before her energy explodes! Hope everyone's having a wonderful week so far.


  1. Good day dear Rachel, I just sat down to lunch in our screened porch, picked up my computer to answer e-mails, but ran across your new posting. LOVE the collection of cups and I totally understand. Jeff and I each have a mug that our morning tea comes from every day. I'd feel lost without them.

    So Jeff G huh? I need to break away from envisioning "the FLY" whenever I see him.

    Well, I owe our dear Sue a looong note, so I'll sign off now.

    Take care and hope to see you soon...love,


  2. I went to the theatre too last Saturday, to watch Romeo and Juliet. It is always a pleasure to watch some Shakespeare.

    I love tea mugs and want to collect more. Tea is a relatively new interest for me, but it seems that I will keep it. I want a mug for every season, don't know why but I do.

  3. Totally understandable; what's wrong with enjoying a decent mug?? I wouldn't want a chipped one either! ♥

  4. hi rachel and alice...so happy to see you at farmhouse...i have some of those emma b. cups too...love them...

    teddy and i would love to take a ride out to edna valley with you and alice...we could come home and have berry tarts and tea...you never know :-)

    rachel, teddy is doing so good...he is the center of our world...we just adore him...

    hoping this finds you and alice well and happy

    love from across the world
    kary and teddy

  5. Thanks for the lovely drinking vessel confession. I have to say that whilst your Brissi cups look nice, I could never drink from them. Why? I don't like cups with little 'stands' on the base, the tea just wouldn't taste right! I'm with you on the Starbucks cups though, I like to have them as I know my sister loves them too and I can feel close to her. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi Rachel This is my first visit to your blog and I love it! I found you via Susan Branch on twitter (who I also love!) Felt I just had to comment on the Cup/mug thing! I love a nice cup and mug and I don't like thick ones or heavy ones! I also like my wine in a beautiful glass and I've stopped trying to buy the whole set now if they are too expensive I just buy one or two! Looking forward to catching up with the rest of your blog! Nina xx


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