Images from the New Year...

New Year at the farm.....

My Dad is well known for his champion fires...and we were so glad of them on those freezing, dark nights..

This little green, gold & red angel is one of my favourite things...I always look for her at Christmas..

                                                                   A cosy retreat...

                  My Dad's old dog, Ivy....Queen of the farm...oversaw all the festivities as usual...

                                                    while Alice made herself at home....
                                               Our youngest nephew kept us all entertained...

We made full use of the dining table...

                 The old grandfather clock stopped working years ago...but it still looks wonderful.
We had a lovely, old fashioned, family time. Champagne at midnight (& other times too, I'm pleased to say!) I cooked a Middle-Eastern inspired New Year's Day dinner and on New Year's Eve we ate appetisers all night! Then we watched the amazing firework display over London on the TV while we toasted 2011. The dogs all had plenty of walks...the weather alternated between foggy damp & bone chilling frost...but wrapped up well and with the promise of Christmas cake, copious cups of hot tea and that famous fire on our return, it wasn't too hard to prise ourselves out of the chairs...

And last night, after supper, with William safely tucked up and fast asleep, we all revelled in another showing of 'The Godfather'. We went to bed far too late, but couldn't tear ourselves away. So I blame the bags under my eyes on Michael Corleone!

To add to my joy, BBC Radio 3 are devoting the whole first 12 days of the new year to the entire works of my beloved Mozart...the radio is constantly on and I am bathing in his glory every minute. Sheer bliss!

This is just the beginning...2011 holds so much promise. I can't wait to get started!

And the view's looking good to Alice too! I hope that your New Year celebrations were wonderful....xoxo


  1. rachel...this all looks so cozy and wonderful...i adore Ivy and i LOVE seeing little alice too...what a couple of sweet dogs...

    we are cozy too here at farmhouse...a fire softly smoldering in our little Vermont woodstove in the kitchen...piles of cookbooks stacked in the kitchen...a maple syrup candle burning in the window...i will be sending pictures soon as i figure out the new camera Santa brought me :-)

    sending new years love to you, paul and alice
    kary and teddy

  2. Oh Rachel thank you so much for sharing your Christmas time with us. It all looked like an amazing time, fun, fire, food and blessd family!!

    Hope you have a wonderful..blessed...and safe New Year!

    PS Love the pics of Alice...she is adorable!!

    xoxo Gert

  3. Oh Rachel--how I love this!! I will be posting my Christmastime photos tomorrow on blog, so stay tuned- we have had so much going on here w/ watching granddaughters. Only took them back last evening and today I am feeling so tired! This is why we have children when we are younger- favorite photo is chair near books and most favorite photo is tree w/ Alice looking out--as to anticipate 2011....what's out there? ALL GOODNESS!! xx lovely post!!

  4. Rachel, it is the warmest, coziest home, full of your dear family, sweet pets, and delicious food!! I so appreciate your sharing your holiday with us all! Wishing you a wonderful 2011!!! With love, Sherry

  5. Lovely pictures. I am glad you had a good time.

  6. Wonderful pictures, here's looking forward to a fantastic New Year. Beautiful beatiful farm. Even more beautiful dogs. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Ah, dear Rachel, your family home looks wonderful, full of warmth, love, books, beloved people and pets. It's the kind of home where I'd expect to find kind, loving, interesting people ... and indeed I would!


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