Waiting for Esther....Part One

As those of you who read this blog regularly will know....my darling sister Esther and her 3 children are arriving early on Friday morning, for a short visit from their home in Eastern Australia. To say I'm excited is a complete understatement!
They will mostly be staying at my parents' farm...it's much bigger than here with plenty of room for the children to let off steam...(my niece is 9, my nephews 7 1/2 & 4) and I can stay there too along with our youngest sister, Lucy & her little boy. All of us together again (the first time in over 3 years) Sheer bliss.
But halfway through their 2 weeks, the 4 of them will stay here for a few nights....it's so convenient to be able to walk to pllavces & not use the car...the park is here....the Roald Dahl museum...the Coffee Tree....the churchyard... the cinema (very important!) and our beautiful new theatre too. It'll be so much fun! In anticipation, we have been transforming our (one and only) spare room at the top of the house.

Today, I'm going to show you the 'before' pictures. As Esther reads the blog, and I want her to have a surprise, I'll wait until they're on the way before I post the 'after's!!

Our attic room is a beautiful one...overlooking the churchyard and the treetops! It's where I do my writing, too. But a little while ago we had the roofspace above properly insulated - which meant that everything that had been stored up there had to come down into the room. Cue chaos. I didn't really want to show these pictures, as I was so ashamed! But I feel better now that it's so different....so here goes....

Ok, that's enough of that....

Back soon!! happy Monday xo


  1. how lovely to have your sister come and visit.

    Love the photos, didn't look too messy to me at all.


    p.s has the wind died down yet? It hasn't been too bad here at all, thank goodness, but it's very blustery nontheless.

  2. It sounds like you have some happy times to look forward to Rachel and plenty to do. I share your love of history and covet the pieces of china you found (shown in your previous post), they are all yummy. I shall think of you all at the farm!

  3. It is always so exciting to see family you don't get to see very often!! Oh, my! The first time in over 3 years that you all have been able to be together?! I am so very happy for you all and I know you will enjoy every moment. Planning a family photo of everyone? Such a wonderful thing to do and will be cherished for a long time!! Thinking of you and sending love!...Sherry xxxx

  4. It is great to have family visiting, especially when there are children among them. We don't do this often enough my wife and I. It must be all the more exciting since they come from so far.

    I love attics rooms and the one on top of your house is one of the nicest I ever saw. They will love it there.

  5. Oh how wonderful---will you be my sister, too!!!! I don't have one so I will just borrow all of the tweetlettes as my sisters of the heart....this room is going to be so fantastic; I can just tell already......Oh my Rachel; you've been busy!!!!! I'm so excited to see the REVEAL!!!! Love you!!

  6. I think the before pictures are pretty great! Only 2 more sleeps, (or wakes in my case!) I have just fried the ends of my hair with bleach in your honour and will have a fresh new haircut! Not as time consuming as clearing out a bedroom though. We are all incandescent with excitement! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Before pictures... tut tut :-). There is no shame in a glory hole. But your excitement is palpable. How lovely it is to be together with family from time to time; precious moments.

  8. Your mother had the most darling children...she must have been beside herself looking at you every day! Have a wonderful time, together again, bliss. xoxo

  9. Your before pictures look my after pictures -- after the girls leave!


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