The many faces of Autumn...

Oh my goodness...this time of year is SO beautiful! And it changes a little everyday....this was yesterday's walk...our area is particularly known for it's beech trees and this is why we love them so...

the woods were a cathedral of gold and red...leaves spiralling down all around, beauty, beauty. We didn't want to leave (Alice because of the squirrel-chasing opportunities, it must be said!)
A big change from earlier this week, on the same walk...

when I could hear people whistling to their dogs all around me, but could only see the blurred outlines of objects that are usually so familiar...
It's been unseasonally warm, which probably accounts for the fog - I quite like it, as long as it's only sometimes!
I spotted lots of funghi on our walks this week...but I'm not confident at all about identifying it, so I'm just content to admire from afar...

One thing that I can recognise and take home is the wild juniper berries...the strong smell of gin permeates the hill as I pick...but it's spiky work!

The clear, crisp, bright days are the best for me. Alice loves them too...very alert to all the woodland sounds...she stands in the classic fox terrier position with a front & a back leg off the ground, ready to pounce (sadly, that's as far as she goes - all style & no substance, our girl!)

and then it's home to coffee for me, breakfast for her...and up to my writing room in  the eaves where this is my current view...

the holly tree is full of bright berries, and if you look very carefully you may just see the hundreds of screaming starlings who flock to crowd onto the crenellations of the church tower every afternoon just now...they seem to spend a long time, quarrelling and jostling to get a prime spot...and then, suddenly, I look up - and they're gone in an instant. Swirling through the sky in a perfect formation of black specks, giving me a last show until tomorrow!
How I love this season!
I hope that your week is going beautifully too! xox


  1. Absolutely stunning pictures! And autumn is beautiful, even in November when I often find it depressing. These pictures just warmed me up.

  2. Oh how totally wonderful in every way. I loved hearing and seeing the crunchy golden carpet beneath Alice's feet as she ran. Remember (or maybe you never read him) the Robert Frost poem, nothing gold can stay. Reminded of that poem seeing your beautiful autumn vistas. I really want to move to England. Poem:

    Nature's first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leaf's a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf,
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day
    Nothing gold can stay.

  3. As always, I ADORE the videos---they truly bring me there....from the wonderful crunching of the leaves to your delicate 'good girl' comment to Alice---what a wonderful walk. I love this season as well; it resonates with is cozy, sweet, brisk and colorful....and although all gardening capabilities are over, it leaves more time for writing, creating, leaves more time for thought. The fall leading up to Christmas is such a joy.....What a beautiful walk; thank you for taking us with you.
    Joann in CO

  4. What a beautiful Autumn you are enjoying. Our leaves in Georgia are spectacular too!
    How lucky you are to be so close to that church, you have a lovely view!

  5. Love your photo' have such a beautiful place to walk in! I could just see my Rusty running along side Alice...chasing those squirrels.


  6. I grew up reading ancient books my grandmother had kept from her youth. Your pictures could have been their illustrations--romantic, mysterious, beautiful!

  7. Your pictures are so lovely, Rachel, and what fun to accompany you and Alice on your walk in the woods!! Ah, the sights, sounds, and scents of autumn!!! Our liquid amber trees in SoCal are beginning to have color, so I have to content myself with those :) But, oh those hardwood forests make such a brilliant show we do not get. You must be getting so excited for your jaunt!! Keeping you in my prayers that it all works out for you, sweetie!!! Love and hugs, Sherry xxxx

  8. Your pictures are just beautiful. Love the one of Alice near the begining with all the Beech trees. It seems as if you have the perfect view for writing, fresh air a bit spooky (like that a lot) and high up for the best spying potential. Hope all well with you and thank you for your lovely comments.

  9. Your little video put a smile on my face this morning! I loved hearing the crunching leaves under your feet and your sweet voice calling "Alice, good girl!". The photos are just lovely and what a beautiful view outside your window. Every season there is a new view and how pretty it is, with the church tower in the background! I love Autumn too. I hope your week is lovely and filled with lots of happy moments like these!!

    Rosinda xoxo

  10. Beautiful! I wish I could crunch through those leaves right now!

  11. Gorgeous autumn pics, Rachel. Ironically, they warm the heart. I'm smiling inside :-)

  12. Oh, what a beautiful walk, it looks like it was a splendid day!

  13. Absolutely glorious photos, Rachael! I wish I were there to enjoy them, too. I don't think there could be a more perfect setting for the colors and crisp air of Fall.
    xxxJudy in So. CA

  14. Aaaah, you make me long for the smell of fermenting leaves! Thanks Rachel, it makes me feel not quite so far away when I read your beautiful blog. xxxxxxxxxxx


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