Alice picks the winners...& a prickly visitor...

Firstly....thank you so much for all the lovely comments on the last post. It was wonderful to read about your own gardens...or those you love...or those you'd like to have...or even just how much you enjoyed seeing mine! The best part of blogging, for me, is the opportunity to meet new people from different places - most of which I'll never see, but can visit through you!
I had so many entries that I decided to let Alice pick the winner. I wrote everyone's names down on a big piece of paper, laid it on the rug in the lounge & picked the first one that Alice touched with her nose! And that name was...........................DANIELLE! Congratulations, sweetie. If you'd like to email your postal address to me (use the address at the top of the blog) then I'll send it off to you as soon as I can.
As an extra 'thank you' for so many entries, I decided to let that wet nose pick one more name! BETTY (from cold Melbourne!) will receive a special, tiny prize....let me know your details too!
I'd really like to send you ALL something!
Does my love count?

And Alice's, of course!

There was a rare little visitor in the churchyard, recently...I thought you might like to see him (one of you mentioned hedgehogs, I think...and how you'd never seen one) We had another daytime hedgey last's so special to see one, healthy & safe (as opposed to squashed on the road which is how they are usually spotted) that I had to pop out & take his photo...

just before he tucked himself away under the cool, dark tombstone for the rest of the day!

It's warm & sultry today - maybe a storm brewing. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend -I'm so looking forward to the Olympic Closing Ceremony tonight. I can't believe that it's all over, already...but hasn't it been great?
ENJOY!! xoxo


  1. What FUN for Alice :) Congratulations to the winners! And... a BIG thank-you to You Rachael!

  2. Dear little Hedgy how sweet it is! So British! No, the Olympics haven't been great, I Loathe them and am glad that they're over! Sorry to be a misery guts but there you go! Nothing to do with Australia getting precious little Golds I hasten to add, that, if anything has added to the little enjoyment of them I have experienced! Lovely blog as always though xxxx

  3. A real, live hedgehog, Rachel!!! How exciting! I would love to have a garden full of them. They're so cute!

  4. Sensible hedgehog, choosing such a safe and sheltered spot for a cottage!

  5. Oh my goodness, a hedgehog! They have a special place in my heart. So so sweet.

  6. Congratulations for the winner. And Alice is soooo cute!

  7. Hello, sweet Rachel! Popping in to say I am thinking of you and also sending congratulations to Danielle! Your giveaways are always so special!! Also, I just adore the little hedgehog!! How fun!! I have enjoyed the Olympics so much and London did a fabulous job with hosting them!! There were many fascinating shots of the city during NBC'c coverage here and lots of interesting stories in the media, too! In the vast wasteland of TV, it was wonderful. Keep up the dear blogging and sending lots of hugs and love to you a lovable little Alice@ ...Sherry xoxo

  8. The hedgehog is very interesting, but Alice is cuter. I have a little dog who came into our yard when she was 5 months old. I was working in the yard that morning, she laid down in the mud and said here I am. Now she runs the our home. Linda, Bakersfield, CA

  9. So cute that you let Alice pick the winners! Rachel, we have enjoyed the Olympics so much! Great job Great Britain! Loving the little photo of the hedgehog---so cute!! Have a great week! xoxo ♥
    Martha Ellen

  10. Congratulations to Denise & Betty on winning the giveaway! And Rachel, of course your love is the best gift of all! Alice looks as adorable as ever, sitting on top of that bench. The pic of the hedgehog is just adorable. They're such cute little creatures and we won't find any hedgehogs in the wild in Canada. It was treat to see your little visitor! Happy Monday! Have a wonderful week! xo

  11. Thank you Rachel and dear little Alice for choosing my name from all of those entries. I am so excited to win a special tiny prize:)
    What I enjoyed most about the Olympics was seeing the wonderful scenery of London. Great to know that it all went so well. Congrats. to GB on their great gold medal wins!
    Thank you for your kindness and I will be in touch.

  12. Oh Rachel..congratulations to your winners! You are always so is Alice...she picked a couple amazing Love the hedgehog...never seen one before..sweet!! I hate to see the Olympic's end...also really enjoyed seeing the sites around London! smile..


  13. Congratulations to Danielle and Betty! And a big thank you to you Rachel for your generosity and little Alice who snuffled out the winners!
    You have your own Mrs. Tiggy Winkle! How sweet!
    Don't have a TV, so I didn't get to see any of the Olympics, but I did hear about Manteo Mitchell - what an inspiration!
    And can I say congrats to my wonderful sister-in-law, Amy, who works for JPL, for the successful landing of the Curiosity on Mars?

  14. A hedgehog! I was the one who had been to England but never saw a hedgehog and mentioned it to you! Thank you for sharing your picture!!

  15. Congratulations to the winners! Love that Alice picked the winners. So cute!


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