Autumn Joy....

Into October...and the weather today is skies, shafts of sunlight filtering through the yellow and gold of the changing leaves....I love the garden at this time of year, so much...

the glossy darkness of the ivy...filled with blooms that delight the last sleepy bees...
the vivid crimson of the blueberry leaves (falling fast now!)

the shabby chic of the tatty hydrangeas (there is a gossamer-thin spiderweb attached to 'David's' cheek too...difficult to see, but it's there!)

Skeleton petals...but although the plants are shutting down, there's still plenty of colour around too...

my very last 'Gertrude Jekyll' rose (I keep popping out to drink in the fragrance, trying to imprint it in my sensory bank for the cold months ahead!)

Echinacea...another bee favourite!

Lots of end-of-season blooms...

and the nasturtiums don't give up until the first frost, thank goodness...I love them so! I also have a special new addition to the darling is not only a great lawyer...he is also brilliant at carpentry! He designed and built this gorgeous shelter for me to store all the 'garden bits' in, safely away from the wet & cold to come. It's not quite finished yet...but the final stage is just cosmetic,


Every join has been carefully measured and finished with pride...

he included shelves for my trugs, seeds, bulbs...

and a longer section for tools and brooms. It's a labour of love! I'm so enjoying deciding where everything will fit...
Lots happening at the moment - many plans and dreams being discussed, and some difficult things to cope with. You can't always choose what happens to you in life - but you CAN choose what to do with those challenges and difficulties. I choose happiness. I choose joy. I choose love.
There's a great film quote: 'Life is what you make it...chicken s*** or chicken salad' So true!
Beneath this dark, quiet soil lie new spring bulbs - crocuses and muscari...
The future will be beautiful!
Enjoy your week xo


  1. oh I love this post! How I adore this time of year. I try so hard to like summer (almost did it this year!), but this time of year, it thrills me, and it makes me happy. Your post shows all that is wonderful and just a smidge magical about autumn.
    Hasn't the weather today been gorgeous?! Love it.

    Clever husband! What a brilliant creation for the garden. Looks superb.


  2. Love this post and YOU! Always choose joy over sadness! That is the best way to live a happy life! I enjoyed taking a peek into your autumn garden and seeing the beautiful shed Paul built for you. It's perfect and so romantic! Have fun filling it up with all your gardening knick-knacks! Thinking of you and sending good thoughts and lots of hugs. xxx

  3. I always knew Paul was talented, in many ways, and adorable, in all ways, but this too? I did not know. I wanted to tell you, I never saw you two look happier than when we were there to visit! xoxo Love you darling.

  4. Lovely post as always Rachel! Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, so much to cherish and enjoy before winter comes knocking. My final rose faded last week, but I still have lots of hydrangea mop heads to savour, thank goodness!
    Hoorah for your gorgeous new garden storage, Paul is very clever indeed!
    I am sorry to hear that some things are not as you had wished, but I am thrilled that your dreams are being discussed and hopefully realised, you certainly deserve it.
    Morwenna xx

  5. Your garden is always an inspiration to me, Rachel, and now your garden storage is inspiring as well! It's a delight to see your Autumn banner keeping such good company :-) I put mine up today and thought of you and all our dear Tweetettes. I feel blessed to have these connections. Looking out at my autumn garden right now, I know it's separated from yours by distance, but it feels like you're just around the corner. I really love that about the internet! xoxo

  6. Gertrude's Jekyll? How appropriate for the upcoming Halloween! Your garden is beautiful, especially in autumn. Autumn is my favourite season, when nature is all fiery lights and shadows.

  7. It all looks so beautiful but wow it seems as though it was just winter. Time goes by so fast. Your new storage unit looks great--will it have a door or cover to keep out the winter? What does Alice say--does she have a favorite season?

  8. What a nice gift to make for you! Our autumn colors are just starting.

  9. Lovely post and beautiful photos Rachel. I love the new storage shelter. I can imagine how thrilled you are to have it. Paul has done a great job.
    Spring is here now, 'though the weather is very changeable. Feels like winter today!
    Enjoy your day and have a great week-end.

  10. Sorry to be so late in stopping by. I was out of town once more, but your autumn post is such a delight. Your garden has its charms in every season, dear Rachel! And what a wonderful place Paul has built for your gardening endeavors! (Yosemite was gorgeous also in the crisp fall air, low light, getting ready for winter's blanket!) You are such a joy! Sending love and a big hug, Sherry xo

  11. As always dearest one, you are an inspiration. Can I book Paul to do some stuff for me?! Love love love xxxxxxxxx

  12. Happy birthday, Rachel! 'Just saw the "news" on Susan's twitter. :) Have a happy day. ♥

  13. I hope your birthday was just wonderful my friend----we are having some tough conversations right now as well, so I truly understand the heavy heart and yet so beautiful as you choose to live in joy and love!!

    The world must be spinning too fast right now; so many of us are in a whirlwind of change!! We must share stories!!


  14. It has been far too long since I have checked in, Rachel.:( I trust all is well.

    We've had no frost here as yet, though our temperatures are predicted to drop considerably in the next week!

    Lovely work on that garden storage! Paul has great ability with carpentry projects.:)

    xo Nellie

  15. Rachel, I so loved this and seeing what is going on in your life.

    Paul is AMAZING (as are YOU).

    I do stop by, but I am sometimes bad about posting a comment.

    Sending love,


  16. Gorgeous photos. You've truly shown the joy and charm of Autumn. It's nice to hear something from your life. God bless you!
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