Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Blaze of Glory...

We have been so lucky recently...November is, so far, unseasonally warm and even sunny at times. Such a contrast to the terrible storm conditions that have battered large parts of the Eastern USA and continue to cause problems for so it feels extra special to be walking in the flaming woods today...

the leaves crunch beautifully and look so gorgeous in the slanting sunlight...

the beech trees line the wide a living gateway

beech is so common around here...but I still never tire of looking at the colours and patterns of the leaves....

bright lime green...yellow and all shades of brown and orange...

and this lichen commonplace that I almost pass it by...

until that vibrant colour stops me!

We make our way to the top of the sunlit hill....

stop for a while to take in the view, which is always the same and yet so different every day...
and then on the way back, we discover toadstools everywhere...

under trees...

tiny ones poking out through the grass...

attached to fallen, rotting branches...

and sometimes a splash of brilliance, quite as lovely as the leaves...

Not so many scarlet, spotted fly agarics this it's wonderful to see one...they always look as though they are missing a gnome, perching on top with a fishing pole!

December & Christmas are around the corner...but for the moment, I'm savouring every moment of this golden time and all the beauty it holds...

Hoping that November is being kind to you too...and sending much love! xoxo


  1. Hi Rachel, Thanks for taking me along on your walk thru the woods. Truly enjoyable. Thanks!

  2. Rachel, thank you for the walk around your lovely crunchy leaves. I especially love how beech trees look in the fall-we have one in our garden but it is almost bare now. Have a wonderful day!
    Martha Ellen

  3. I don't like to eat mushrooms much, but I love to see mushrooms in autumn. Lovely pictures, as usual. I find it strange that this year the colours are still in the trees. But I have to confess that it is a bit too warm for me, I prefer colder Novembers.

  4. I never knew there really ARE red mushrooms awaiting their gnomes! Lovely. And fall in all its glorious color and crunch. And Alice. I've missed her, of course. Love to you and all yours--happy warmth!

  5. Loved this post Rachel, such beautiful fall colors, which I miss! I'm in Florida right now but originally from Maine and was there in September. I pick wild mushrooms and this year tried a new one called "lobster" mushroom because it has the color of a cooked lobster. I did a lot of research before I tried a taste, and I'm glad I did because they are delicious. There were so many this year that I was able to cut them up and dry them for future use. I took a window screen laid flat between 2 chairs, spread out the cut up mushrooms and had the floor fan blowing on them for about 20 to 24 hours and it worked like a charm! Thought I'd share this just in case you do have some readers who might want to try it out. Thanks again Rachel for a wonderful post! hugs from Sharon in Florida

  6. Rachel I loved the beautiful narrative and pictures of fall in your piece of heaven. Just gorgeous colors. I love the leaves too and hate to rake them up. I've never seen a spotted fly agaric, very strange and beautiful.Thank you for taking us along on the walk. Love Alice looking down the path. Bet she is a great companion. xo

  7. Dearest Rachel,

    I always enjoy taking these walks with you. The fall colours are magnificent! What a blessing it is to bask in the mild November temps and continue to see such glorious colours. Enjoy these last fleeting days of fall! All my love...Rosinda xoxo

  8. Thank you for this lovely walk! You are lucky to be surrounded by this beautiful landscape! So glad you are able to enjoy the mild temps this Fall ~

    Danielle xo

  9. Lovely pictures, and your words were perfect!

    We have had a lovely fall here. In fact, we have Knock-out Roses still in bloom. I'm hoping they are still around by this coming Thursday! I'd like to bring in a bouquet of them.

    xo Nellie

  10. I love all the details of your post---every special nuance of your walks...the leaves, the colors, and I can almost smell the air as I walk through your writing...

    so lovely!!

    Joann in CO

  11. How darling those red mushrooms are...they almost belong in a Disney movie! The colors are wonderful...thank you xoxo Love you Ray!

  12. Your photo's are stunning, our weather across the pond in New England has been stellar also! I'm truly enjoying this weather and our Thanksgiving weekend! Have a wonderful weekend!



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