It's beginning to look a lot like...

We had a proper hoar frost this beautiful! The rime was thick on the trees and leaves, frosting everything like Christmas cake...
 even the spider webs on the church gates were starched with ice...which made their intricate patterns stand out...what architects spiders are! Last week's snow has gone, though...
I'm not sure if you can spot her here, but snow is Alice's absolute favourite weather! I'm not sure whether the cold whisks up extra-special smells, but she snuffles & snuffs about before racing in circles with her ears pinned back. We took this walk with our oldest nephew, Kip...that's him on the distance. Our Australian boy adores England...and snow above all!
He had to leave his mark everywhere! With temperatures never dipping much below 20c where they live, sub-zero is a huge novelty...
What a joy to have them all with us for the festivities! Not long to go, now...and the town is looking gorgeous. I thought you might like to see some of the door wreaths in our neighbourhood...
I took these pictures this morning...tiptoeing around the houses in the cold!

I love the glossy primary colours...

I'm proud to say that I know all the people behind these doors...

These neighbours really make a huge effort at Christmas...this  year their decorations are themed for the Jubilee year. Gorgeous!
And I love the simplicity of this berry-like against the green...

We haven't started decorating yet...that will start in earnest this weekend! I promise to show you more then...I so love the run-up to Christmas, and this one is extra special. It's been such a difficult year, in so many ways, for just about everyone we know. We look forward to relaxing, enjoying, eating, drinking...celebrating properly and saying goodbye to 2012 in style!
I hope your preparations are going well...happy December and have a wonderful week xo


  1. Dearest Rachel, I just love your post. I have never seen frost like you experience. Oh, my! The incredible beauty of it!! And your set of pictures of your friends' door decorations is so charming! Made me think of Williamsburg here, but now that is a redo. You have the real thing, lucky duck!! Here's to a better year ahead, sweetie! Sending much love and lots of hugs, Sherry xoxo

  2. such a beautiful post. We had a couple of dustings of snow last week, but none so far this week. This morning we had a hard frost though,and you are so right about the cobwebs! Some sarcastic spiders have spun them from the garage roof to the Christmas lights I've hung over the garage doors! They mock me!

    Do love this time of year. The build up, the cold, the smells from the kitchen, and the fairy lights.


  3. How beautiful Rachel! I love the door decorations ... and your walk, and the handprints and the hoar frost! Love you too xoxo hello to the kids from down under!

  4. Beautiful Rachael! Such color with different doors and wreaths! I so enjoy soaking up your words and pictures... and dreaming of eating your delectible desserts... maybe someday!!! An early Merry Christmas to YOU!

  5. Just beautiful, sweetheart! I love the photo of the frosty spider web. The wreaths are magnificent! I have a beautiful fresh wreath hanging on our door as well. Lovely to think of you tip-toeing around this morning, snapping photos for us to see. Thank you for sharing some of the English Christmas spirit with us.xoxo

  6. Thank you for taking us on your walk around the neighborhood...I love how the doors are showing their holiday finery, and I can only imagine how the halls are decked behind each one...fingers crossed for a white Christmas for you...ox

  7. Merry Christmas Rachel! Your photos are beautiful--the spider web is amazing! Lovely wreaths on your neighbors doors. Here's to a better 2013!xoxo ♥
    Martha Ellen

  8. Here we had frost, not snow, but it was gorgeous.Strange, we live close enough, but the snow never came.

  9. I've never heard of hoar frost! But it does look magical. What a collection of beautiful doors. Seems so Notting Hill! My fave is the heart wreath--of course. Hope you're having wonderful times with Ester and the kids. ♥

  10. I have some amazing shots from last winters hoarfrost. In fact, one of my photos was chosen to be the Christmas card for Clackamas Community College where I work!

  11. Dear Rachel, Hoar frost is amazing! It looks prickly:) Lovely red berries and beautiful spider's web. The brightly coloured doors look so pretty adorned with lovely wreaths.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family from far and near:)

  12. Oh.... I love your updates. This one gave me a moment to sit down, rest my foot, and take a deep snow here in snowy Colorado.....

    but your 'Australian boy' enjoying it there makes my heart sing.....

    Yes, enjoying every moment of the preparations...

  13. Sorry I'm so late reading your post. I just loved seeing all the pretty door wreaths; each one so different and lovely.
    Happy Ester and kids can be there with you. That is going to make Christmas extra special. Cute Alice loves the snow so much. Too bad Kip's handprint can't stay there and will melt in time. Bet he REALLY does enjoy the treat of snow and snow play.
    Reading this was just what I needed. Love to you and yours and wishing you the happiest of holidays. xoxo

  14. A belated Merry Christmas, Rachel! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas season. These pictures are amazing!

  15. It's hard to remember what snow is like, it's been so wet, grey and miserable here throughout December. We did get a day of blue sky whilst in Cambridge for family festivities which was lovely, but no snow. Hope you had a wonderful time and managed to get all of your preparations done. I wish you all the best of 2013 Rachel. Happy New Year.

  16. Hi dear R,

    Miss you and hope all is well with you and yours.




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