A return to the farm with some gorgeous beginnings & beautiful endings...

It's been a while since this blog has visited the farm...I took these pictures a couple of months ago and thought you'd like to see them...

The back courtyard was looking especially gorgeous...my Mum was so proud! When we first moved here over 30 years ago, this little yard was a real tip...and there was a ramshackle dairy building in one corner that was falling down...

So much more beautiful now! My dad adores hostas and this is one of the two huge beds they have planted out. I took the picture through glass, so apologies for the reflection!

The hedgehogs & badgers keep the snail and slug population in check here...which is why there are no holes in those leaves...

It's quite rare to see the front lawn not covered in William's golf balls, as this is his prime practise space! Every child loves this expanse of green...we used to play croquet and rounders here as kids...the pond is at the far end, through a little white gate and over a footbridge...

The glade, bordered with stunning trees, is the morning and evening walk for the dogs who live or visit here...

and the huge old oak tree at the top is a perfect roosting place for the owls...

It marks the gate that leads to Dad's pride & joy...the wild flower field that he dreamed of having many years ago...and finally managed to attain! This year it held hundreds & hundreds of wild orchids...

and so many species of flowers and grasses...the butterflies, bees and insects adore it. Here's a Meadow Brown basking in the early summer sun...

and taking a drink of nectar from a red clover flower...

Just a small sample of orchids...

It's hard to leave that field when it looks that way! It has now all died down, of course, and will self-seed ready for next year...who knows what will come up then?!

The big old dew pond is such a tranquil place to sit and dream...watching the wild ducks, the nervous little moorhens...

and the splashes of colour from the yellow 'flag' irises and foxgloves...before walking back down to the beloved old house with its tangle of fragrant cottage roses...

I used to pick bunches of these and wrap them in damp kitchen towel to take as presents for a favourite school teacher! I love the memories that wind themselves around the farm. I can still see my younger sisters whooping and turning cartwheels on the lawn...and now their own children do the very same thing! Such a special place.

Back at our own home, we make more memories...and it's been a glorious summer for them! I can't believe that September is here...but it's still fine and warm, we are still enjoying the garden and having to water the plants almost every day! This peacock butterfly shared his buddleia bloom with a bumble bee last week...

I will miss sights like that in the winter to come, but it has been a fabulous summer! We woke to this breathtaking dawn a couple of weeks ago...

and it heralded a perfect day. And then at the end of last week, I was cooking supper when I realised that the light outside was quite strange...

this was what we saw! Almost like the northern lights, or a comet!

And off to the West, the clouds were on fire!
So much beauty all around, whatever the season or time of day...

I hope you've had a glorious summer (or winter!) too...there is lots to look forward to in the coming months.
Oh...and we had a birthday at the farm this week...I'll leave you with this lovely photo of Will helping Granny to blow out her candles!

Have a great week xx

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  1. Rachel what an enchanting place to grow up! Enjoy the last days of the season. ♥
    Martha Ellen

  2. Great to see you blogging again! Beautiful pictures as usual.

  3. What a wonderful place, Rachel! It must be difficult to leave when you visit. It appears that your mother had a terrific birthday!
    xo Nellie

  4. gosh your mum is a very glamorous granny!

    What a gorgeous home to go back to. It's utterly beautiful.

    Yes it has been a good summer. Even for the anti summer person that I am!

  5. Oh what a beautiful farm, it must have been a great place to grow up Rachel. Your pictures are all gorgeous as always and somehow evocative of days gone by. Very envious of unslugged hostas - we can't grown them as they are rags within minutes of emerging. Also envious of your wild flower meadow. I have a mini one down at our plot, but grand scale works best.

  6. So beautiful. Looks like a wonderful place to grow up!

  7. Oh, Rachel, what a delightful blog. Just like Beatrix Potter! And your photos give me ideas for my current story I am writing! You truly do have idyllic surroundings. I see many green thumbs at work! Childhood memories are so enduring and endearing! I am so grateful for mine, too, along the New England coast! So glad to have "met" you through Susan and twitter!! Thanks for putting me on your list! Have a wonderful Autumn!! I'll see you on twitter!!

  8. Rachel, thanks for sharing; glorious country living at its best! Having first seen glimpses of the farm by way of Susan's visit, this is a nice follow up. Your mum looks amazing still! The plum chutney you tweeted will be much appreciated in the months to come. Aren't we having fun on Sue's book tour?! Hoping to book a signing nearby, perhaps after Christmas sometime ... if she's not completely exhausted :-)

    Hugs from Sharon in Alabama (USA)

  9. Your heart finds beauty anywhere. So glad you share! Lady Diana is looking chic and beautiful--we know where her daughter got her panache! All my favorite topics--sky, garden, family. xoxo

  10. That's what I need here in Maryland--hedgehogs! But what will keep the deer out of my Hosta?

    I enjoyed your photo journey of your childhood home along with the memories. Thank you for sharing them. It's always good to be reminded to look back in appreciation of what one's parents provided so that we will do the same for our children.

  11. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful place. You must have loved growing up there.
    So glad you have had such a lovely summer. I was in England April/May. Spring was a bit late arriving, but we enjoyed some beautiful days nevertheless.
    Love the last happy family photo.
    Happy days, Betty

  12. Hi Rachel, thank you so much for sharing your world with us! Everything about the farm where you grew up looks like a piece of heaven, I can understand why your dad and mom love it so much - and you, too. The sky pictures by your house are truly breathtaking, the colors are just gorgeous. Summer is winding down here in Maine, too. We still have warm days but you can see by the change in the color of the foliage and trickling falling leaves that fall isn't too far away. This is the first time I've written Rachel, but I do love to read your blog, it's just beautiful, and I love reading about your English life. Thanks so much! Hugs from Sharon in Maine.

  13. Oh, your farm is absolutely gorgeous! I can see how it brings you so much joy and tranquility. It is filled with beauty and precious memories for you and all who share it. Thank you for sharing it with us. Another summer has come and gone. It is smelling,feeling and looking like fall here - blustery, cool and drizzly. Happy September, dear friend. Wishing you a fabulous fall season! xoxo

  14. Oh, this is so gorgeous Rachel.....you grew up in a fantastic place. I love the part when you used to wrap some posies in a wet paper towel and took to a favorite teacher.........

    I did that as well.......
    What a lovely time there to celebrate your Mum's birthday and to create more beautiful memories with your family. Summer is so glorious....but Fall can be as well, so let's go into it together with joy and sunshine!
    p.s. I've so missed your posts!

  15. What a gorgoeous place to grow up! Lovely post and lovely pictures Rachel!

  16. What a beautiful photographic and word portrait of a family home. I hope that my own children will feel the same way one day. Though right now they bemoan the lack of neighbours and a bustop!

  17. Hey Rachel!
    I LOVE this post, what beautiful wildflowers, I am happy that your Dad has his wildflower meadow!
    Just wondering, the Granny blowing out the candles, is she a model? GORGEOUS!

  18. Wildflowers and sunsets and meadows, oh my! What a glorious Summer you had.

    Thank you for visiting my blog recently. You are so fortunate to call Susan a friend!

  19. Hi dear Rachel,

    Are you coming to Sue's party? Remember that I have a studio/guest house that stands alone. Jeff and I have been getting regular updates of the book tour. Fun, but lots of hard work and some bad food along the way, I'm sure. My tour was six weeks last year and we were SO GLAD to return home.

    Love the views of the farm. So sad we didn't get to see it in person when we visited, but there is never enough time. Right? Your Mom is lovely. Hope all is well with you and yours,


  20. Dear Rachel,

    How wonderful to see those summer photos from the farm. Gorgeous!! I love being out in the country in late summer when the wildflowers are blooming and the air smells so good!

    I hope you are doing well!! xoxo Silke

  21. I can smell the wildflowers from here Ray, the most wonderful place in the world, on it's own, but double-so because of the people who live there. Love you dear. Thank you for this.

  22. Oh Rachel, I am so, so sorry to hear about your dear dad. I have been so busy and haven't checked your blog in a while. I can only imagine the heaviness you have in your heart and your mom and family. I don't know if there are any words of comfort that anyone can give you at this time, only I hope you know how much everyone who knows you cares. Even though we've never met, I can feel what a kind and tender hearted person you are. I just wanted you, your mom and family, and especially your dad, to know my thoughts and prayers are with you from way across the ocean. I'll put him on the top of my prayer list and all of you!
    A big hug of comfort from me, Sharon, in Florida. XXOO


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