And the winner is...

I am so busy this weekend...but I just had time to draw the winning name for the fact, Alice helped!! I fanned all the names out on scraps of paper and picked the one she put her paw on first (unscientific, perhaps...but as random as it gets, and also very cute!) I love this picture of her taken during a balmy evening last week, resting on her prized duck - if you look closely, you'll see that he's had to have 'open heart surgery' already...and no doubt one day soon he'll be ripped to shreds, but for now he's virtually intact.

Alright, suspense over...the prize goes to SHARON CALVERT ....Sharon, if you email me at the address shown on the blog here and let me know your address, I'll make sure I post your package to you asap! & thanks to EVERYONE who left beautiful comments on both's so lovely to know you're out there, it really is!

There's another giveaway currently over on my other blog, Sugar Moon Brownies ,with 2 wonderful if you're not Sharon (or even if you are!) you can enter that too....

Thanks so much for taking part, and for reading. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend. xx


  1. Congrats to Sharon! Love that pic of Alice. :)

  2. Cool! Giveaways. Congrats to the winner!

  3. Always love these giveaways! Congrats to Sharon!!! So cute to have Alice help! Love hearing from you Rachel! xo

  4. Alice, if I could see you in person, you would be smothered by hugs! I'm so excited you picked me for Rachel's wonderful giveaway. Thank you, sweet girl.

    Your forever friend across the pond,
    Sharon in Alabama


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