Blue moon at the farm....

 I recently spent a week 'house-sitting' at our family farm, while my Mum, youngest sister & brother-in-law were at Pinehurst in North Carolina with Will, my youngest nephew who was taking part in the US Kids golf final there. It was a brilliant achievement for him to even qualify...he's only just 7...and in the end he finished 32nd out of 131 children from 51 different countries. So proud of him...and he made lots of new friends and had great fun, which is the main thing when you're 7!
 It was also good for them all to have a change of scene after the past few months..and years..of my dad's last illness and recent death. And I got to spend time in this magical place...
 Evenings were my favourite finished, chores done, animals fed....time to rest my arms on this gate and drink in the beauty and the silence...just a few red kites mewing overhead to break the spell...
 This old house holds 35 years of memories for our family...happy and sad....growing up angst, baby joys, new puppies, illness, laughter, dancing, weddings, divorces, emigration and's all here, embedded in the old walls which already hold hundreds of years of other families lives...
 The apples are plentiful this year, already hanging heavy on the trees...
 The sun just glows on the deep green grass....I was standing by the old walnut tree to take this picture. It's where we love to sit on hot days, shaded by the boughs...
 You can just spot Will's shetland pony quietly cropping the grass ..
 ...and here is Jock, who was born here...I was there when he came into the world...
 The dogs, as you can see, were terribly stressed without their owners...!
 Dear Millie and her faithful companion Cora....delightful dogs (I left Alice at home with Paul...five dogs is too many! But I visited them both every day...)
 The driveway is like the road to serenity...when you arrive home at night and close the gate behind you, all is right with the world...
 And my brother-in-law's ancient cat, Moses, is always around warm weather, he loves to soak up the last of the days heat from the tarmac...
 On Friday, the last day of July, I watched as the blue moon rose...
 ...the last blue moon until 2018.... beautiful, it demanded many photos!
 The other very special thing for me about that week on my own at the farm, was that I wasn't really alone of well as the dogs, the cat, the cattle, ponies and sheep....there was someone very special there with me...
 As I sat in his chair in the evenings, watching the light fade from the sky, looking out onto the views that he loved best of all...
I felt my darling Dad all around me. He was in every room, around every corner....just out of reach. But ever present. Keeping watch over me, and over his beloved home. As he always has...

I hope you are having a fabulous going fast! Make the most of August...



  1. A full heart to go along with the full blue moon... and tears of happiness and sadness intertwined. Beautifully written Rachel. Time alone to re absorb memories surrounded by all that beauty... XO dear Friend. Georgie

  2. Dear Rachel,
    What a lovely, heart felt post. So sorry for the loss of your father. You have written a lovely tribute to him here.
    Gold at age 7, and playing with all those children. Good for him! And may I just say that North Carolina is one of my favorite places, I am sure your family had a blast!
    Take care of yourself, Rachel, be good to yourself. You are a such a lovely person. x

  3. Once more, a beautifully written post, Rachel. This was a special time for you on the farm.

    Quite an achievement for that 7-year old to be here in the states all because of golf! NC adjoins my own state!

    Wishing you special times with what remains of your week-end!

    xo Nellie

  4. Great full moon pictures! Sadly I mostly missed the blue moon that night, being busy on a pub crawl.

  5. Such beautiful photos of your family's farm, Rachel! What a wonderful achievement for your nephew--great job!
    Take care of yourself and enjoy your sweet memories of your dear father. xoxo ♥

  6. A lovely and poignant post, Rachel, and such a respite from the contentious beginning of our election cycle. I plan to visit sites like yours often. This is balm to the soul. What a special place your family has. Just beautiful! Jane xoxo

  7. It is good to be able to lull in those wonderful memories. I had forgotten about the blue moon!!

  8. Gorgeous, darling Rachel, I loved every word and photo ~ and could picture it in my mind. I'm happy you had the time alone at the farm with your dad, but in my heart, I wish we were both there with you. xoxo

  9. Just beautiful, dear friend. The latter part of your post gave me goosebumps. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the peaceful solitude on the farm. It does one good to be still and alone with our thoughts. And that blue moon...gorgeous! Congratulations to Will on a job well done! Love you! XO

  10. Beautiful post...I do pray for you as you heal. I am glad you have the farm to go to.
    xx oo
    The moon photos are beautiful, a great capture.

  11. When I read about your dear Father, little did I know that I would be soon losing my Mom too. My Mother passed away last week and I still wonder how this could possibly be happening. I am 62 years old and blubbering like a child. Wishing peace to both of us across the sea.


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