Happy Holidays.....Part One

We arrived home yesterday after an amazing holiday on the USA's beautiful East Coast. Eight days of relaxing, eating (a lot!), reading and being with dear friends. We have so many great memories, so this may span a few posts....

We arrived late evening by tiny 9 seater plane - Paul loved it as he's learning to fly, I was a bit less enthused even though we've done it before...but of course it was fine! The gorgeous city of Boston spread below us....we banked and then over the dark water to land on our lttle island home from home. I sat behind the pilot and saw what he saw...sort of fascinating, wondrous and terrifying all at once! Iwas glad to be on solid ground again if truth be told.

Greeted by golden candlelight, warmth, wine and a party in full swing - perfect! We chatted and ate creamy chowder, pumpkin cheesecake in a gingersnap crust...my mouth waters to think of it even now. Then bed, soft soft pillows and a wonderful sleep.

The days really flowed into a peaceful rhythm from there...early mornings, coffee, chat, sometimes a walk in the crisp Autumn air, then a plan for lunch....gorgeous food, wine, conversation....nap or reading then cocktails with friends or dinner plans of some kind and early bed! As you can tell, food was a huge part of the experience. I fear that I have put on at least 10lbs, but I'm scared to stand on the scales!! So this is all I'm eating for a while....homemade minestrone soup, CRAMMED with healthy veggies and just a whisper of parmesan on top (actually in this picture it's more of a shout!) The broadband signal is playing up today, it's taken me 30 minutes to upload this one photograph so I'll try later or tomorrow. It's (sort of) good to be home...but that felt like home too, except for no Alice which would have made it all too perfect!

Check back soon xx


  1. How lovely Rachel :) I feel as though I was with you on the plane and at the party! You write beautifully and I cannot wait for the next post xo


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