Last tastes of Summer...

My last few homegrown strawberries, all ready for a little breakfast with some yoghurt on top! They have been amazing this year...sweet, perfectly ripe and so abundant. The blackbirds didn't seem to see them, and Paul doesn't like strawberries (I married a man who doesn't like clever was that?) so I got to eat them all!

And here is one of my very favourite Autumn lunches - an Egremont Russet apple (one of the very few things that's still seasonal in this 'everything-all-the-time' world) and a chunk of strong English cheddar cheese. Perfectly balanced and just enough. So one season ends and another begins...and little Summer delights are replaced by little Autumn ones. Just as it should be....x


  1. How lovely :) I adore this transition from one season to another, especially sourcing all of the new seasonal food to enjoy in abundance. Gosh I am very fond of a russet apple and cheddar xx

  2. Looks so lovely. I love Cox's Orange Pippin apples the best, but we don't have them over here. It's great to have all the seasonal foods, it reminds me of when we were children. So much nicer to anticipate the seasons and all the treats they bring with them. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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