Golden Boy

This post will probably only mean something to British readers so I apologise but....I've just watched England's victory over Wales in the 6 Nations Rugby, and I had to say something about the amazing Jonny Wilkinson. Now, I honestly don't fancy him - but there's something about him, his sportsmanship, his dedication...and the fact that his brilliant kick won us the Rugby World Cup in 2003....that just makes me melt whenever I see him & feel so damned proud to be English!! He's also lovely to look at!
Go Jonny! xox


  1. Uh Oh...Hi Rachel...stopped by for a visit..but you're right..I am out of my territory here...
    but was just checking in to see what's new...

    I'll be back soon, my friend

    Hugs to the girls......A and C

    Sending love..
    kary and buddy

  2. Now I can't bear sport of any kind, but there's something about Rugby Union that fills you to bursting with pride! He is wonderful and it's a timely post seeing as the amazing 'Invictus' is out at the moment! Love love love


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