April Showers & April Fools...

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted for a while....I have so missed it, and my blogging friends! Both our computers have been out of action for some time and, although the 'big' one is still glitchy, this little laptop is now ok so I can finally catch up & also pay a visit to the wonderful friends I've missed while I've been away. So if I haven't commented for a while it really isn't personal -just technical!

Anyway, I know that it isn't quite April yet but....Alice is being clipped today, the birds are singing, all the daffodils are nodding their beautiful heads in the rainy churchyard and on our walk yesterday I saw the first bright purple violets showing their beautiful faces. It's definitely Spring and I wanted to celebrate that a little today.
And tomorrow is April Fool's day!
It's not so important now that I'm (sort of) grown up, but I can never think of the day without remembering my dear Grandad who took such pleasure in it! We were usually staying with my grandparents at this time of year as we often travelled to Suffolk to spend Easter with them. And the pranks came thick & fast! My poor mother always fell for them to our great delight, despite knowing her father and his ways for all her life! She fell prey to gravy browning instead of tea (so sleepy she didn't notice until she'd half drunk the mugful....yuck!) to being told that her 'shoe laces were undone' despite the fact that she was wearing moccasins, and to the old 'put the clock forward by an hour so everyone thinks they're late' trick! How she must have hated it secretly, but she was such a good sport as we capered and giggled at her misfortune! I was only caught once I remember...I've always hated eggs and was SO upset when my grandmother said very sternly that I HAD to stop being ridiculous and eat the boiled egg she'd made for my breakfast, and stood over me to watch while I tearfully took my spoon and tried to crack the brown shell...and tried....and tried, while she and my Grandad stood with their mouths twitching, knowing full well that it was a trick sugar egg (very realistic!) When had they ever made me eat an egg before? I really should have known....!

They've both been gone a long time now...Grandma died 20 years ago this month and Grandad 17 years ago in September....can it be that long? I'll think of them both tomorrow with a smile, and remember the happy times we shared.

Looking forward to April and all it brings. xoxo


  1. There's nothing like fun times shared, is there?! Those are the memories that outlast everything else... I'm so glad you have such fond memories of your grandparents!!

    And I'm glad your computer is working again - I've missed you!! Love, Silke

    P.S. Thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog anniversary yesterday!!

  2. Love this dear Rachel.

    So Alice is perfect and you're galloping into April.

    I loved doing tricks on April Fool's Day. I think we need more silliness in our lives.

    Sending a big hug,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower Hose and a Little Green Island

  3. Rachel and Alice...your sweet story and kind words made my eyes fill with tears of happiness....

    i am really looking forward to getting that little guy...i hope he likes the car ride..it's going to be a long ride home. almost to san diego...that's pretty far from here...but john and i am making such a BIG DEAL out of it...driving down the day before...stopping for lunch in santa barbara...that's where we got Buddy..this is sad, but we are going to have lunch at the same place we did before we went and picked up Buddy...then drive to southern calif....go to dinner...spend the night...and get him in the morning...bet we don't sleep much.

    one of our favorite things to do with Buddy was to drive to avila beach and let him walk around and smell the grass at the park. we did it on his last day..not even knowing it was his last day..then we drive down to pismo and then come home the back way..waving at joe and susie as we pass by..and make a circle back through edna valley to our home downtown slo.

    we miss doing that so much..and we are not going till we have little Teddy....

    good to visit here today...

    sending love to you and that sweet Alice...

  4. Hi my sweet..i wrote of those places because i thought for sure you knew them...and you did!
    :- )


  5. What lovely memories... ♥ I missed hearing from you! I hope you have an amusing April Fools tomorrow :)

  6. Aw, such wonderful, funny stories! Thanks for sharing them!
    Glad you're back :)
    And thank you for your sweet, encouraging words. You're such a good friend, Rachel.

  7. Hi Rachel and sweet Alice...

    Easter is probably over by now where you are....but had to stop by and send you both some Easter Love....


  8. Hi Rachel and Alice...was just doing a little blogging this warm April afternoon and wanted to stop by....

    with love,


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