Tranquil places...

When I'm really tired and stressed, as I have been for the past week or so, I just love to escape into the countryside (luckily right on our doorstep) with Alice and drink in the calmness and serenity that itbrings's the putting into perspective of humans and our really very small problems in comparison with the ancient spread and rhythm of Mother Nature..
this is our favourite walk...Alice ignores the ponies (actually, she's scared witless if one of them moves towards her...!)
I am also so very lucky that, 30 years ago, my parents bought the home that, although it has another name, is known by us all simply as The Farm...
My two sisters and I, and their families, love to return here as often as possible. Not only is it where our beloved 'Mum & Dad' live, but it holds something very special for each of's that kind of place...
It's age plays a big part in that...the house has rooms dating back almost 500 years, and you can feel the history and sense the other lives and young families that have lived so happily within it's walls. It's a place for children...old & young...
my Dad adores nature of all kinds, and is so knowledgeable about wild creatures of every sort, but he has a special love of birds...
even the chicken house is special!
And the crocuses are all out now...

they have 3 beautiful dogs, including the newest arrival - dear little JoJo..who fits in perfectly and feels she has landed in Heaven for sure!

all of our dogs & cats that are no longer with us are buried at the farm, and we love to pass them on our walks with the living, panting ones who accompany us now...they all race about madly, our own dogs as well as JoJo, Widget & Ivy...
and Alice gets thoroughly tired out by it all......!

Enjoy your weekend, and find peace where you can xox


  1. Hi Rachel,

    What sweet memories you must have. What a beautiful home & location. Did you run around outside with your sisters when you were younger, and play hide-in-seek in one of the 500-year old rooms? It looks and sounds just so amazing. I love that your dogs are buried in the yard so that you can always visit them. Matt's first love of his life (his boyhood dog, Selene) was buried in his back yard and he loves to take me there to show me the little cross that they made for her. How special that your family is still there and that you can go back and bask in the memories. By the way, Alice is so incredibly adorable:). I wish I could just snuggle her!

    I hope you have a very lovely weekend. It’s supposed to be warm here in Massachusetts so I plan to be outside as much as possible. :)


  2. How absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of something right out of a Jane Austen novel :)
    How wonderful it must be to have such a great (and old!) family home filled with so many memories♥

  3. Oh, Rachel, I love this! I am so glad you and your sisters have this very special place filled with such sweet memories! Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Silke

  4. Love, love, love this so much. I can just imagine you and the dogs romping around. This is truly a dream home in which to grow in every way.

    Love how contented Alice looks all curled up like a fiddlehead fern.

    Love, (and loved your last little note)

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  5. This is an idyllic place, judging from the gorgeous pictures. I love old houses, this is something of England I still find quite exotic. This could be the setting for a great ghost story (that tree!). I say this thing very often these days, it seems that I wished England was haunted.

    On a side note, I love, love, love the chicken house, the birds's houses and the dogs.

  6. Hi Rachel and Alice..thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave such kind words..i appreciate it more than you can know...

    loved seeing the Farm, it gave me a sense of is such a beautiful place...

    my heart is so heavy with this loss of my Buddy...i am heartbroken beyond words.

    sending love,

  7. Amazing! You are so blessed to have such a place. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Lovely post. You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful area to escape to. I love your photos of the homestead and the surrounding countryside,

  9. Hi Rachel, just stopping by to say hello and send my love!! Hugs, Silke

  10. Miss you. I don't like it that you're stressed out.




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