Alice meets the Welsh Boyo

I picked up Gwilym yesterday. A day later than we thought, because that's the nature of these things...a Rescue organisation saves a dog's life, holds him somewhere until he can be transported to a place of takes time and flexibility. The shelter that has now taken him in is called Terrier Rescue/Rescue Remedies and they are a strictly no-kill organisation so his life is now safe. And thank goodness for that, because he's a real sweetheart! Alice & I drove through fog and rain down the motorway yesterday, about 40 miles to our meeting place which was a hypermarket carpark! Gwilym had travelled all the way from Wales that morning, in a cage/crate in the back of a van...but he met us sweetly and calmly, not a hint of the uncertainty that must have been going through his mind. The 'angel' who saved him, Simon, had taken him into his own home for the previous two nights, with his own 4 dogs, so had a good idea of his character. No flaws at all, as far as he could tell - he's even good with cats! I got Miss Alice out of the car to meet her new friend:

They had a good sniff but no barking or growling. A great start. So we thanked the 'angels' Simon and Lynne from Rescue Remedies (a truly amazing woman who does so much for the dogs) and loaded our guest into the car....then back down the motorway towards home. We stopped off on the way at our favourite walking place, to give them a good run and stretch their legs. They romped and played together (not like Alice at all!!) and we met several other dogs with no problems. He settled well in the night too - Paul and I didn't hear a peep from downstairs, which was wonderful and quite unexpected given all he'd been through. I would have understood totally if he's whined or cried....but he loves the companionship of another dog, that seems to be enough.

So we settle into the new routine and hope that he finds his forever special home soon. I have a feeling it won't take long - he's going to make a wonderful family dog, I know.

In case you're wondering why we don't take him ourselves's really that we don't feel able to make that commitment to another dog at the moment. Our home and garden are too small, we are away a lot and have the perfect place for Alice to go if we need to leave's all so much more difficult with two. Not to say that we won't ever have another one.But right now, we felt we could be more use by offering a temporary loving shelter to dogs in dire need, and helping to save lives that way.

As you can see, though, Gwilym has taken a little piece of my heart already!

Happy weekend! xox

PS:. In case any UK readers are thinking what a lovely dog he is, and that you might like to offer him a on the link above which will take you to the rescue website and all the details you need to do that. Just a thought! xo


  1. Oh Rachel, he is a sweetheart, and so handsome! I really like him. :)
    Sometimes I wish I lived on a ranch where I could welcome lots and lots of doggies.
    I am so glad to hear that Alice likes him. She's probably thinking, "Way to go, Mommy...he's a hottie!" ;-)
    Wishing you a wonderful time. And you look so cute with that hair!
    xoxo Dawn

  2. Oh so sweet! I wish we could offer him a home.

  3. oh are an angel here on this earth....he is adorable...and so are YOU!!!
    what a cute picture of all of you...

    happy to hear that sweet alice is enjoying him too...

    give him a snuggle and whisper too him that kary and teddy send love...

    hugs to you and alice too...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  4. Aw, I'm so happy that everything is running smoothly for Gwilym and you! I pray he finds a permanent loving home soon ♥

  5. He looks beautiful. It's a great thing that you're doing. It's people like you that make life worthwhile. Your hair looks really beautiful. xxxxxxxxxx


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