A New Boy

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments about my Mum's little dog Widget. She read them all and was so touched by the kindness and love. There's a new little grave on the farm, well tended and surrounded by those of all our other beloved dogs and cats...such a peaceful setting,by the pond at the top of the long grassy tree-lined walk we call The Glade. The graves are set under and around the trees,near the bench where we all sit to take in the views and rest when we walk there....perfectly placed to be looked at and remembered with love. I'm, sure they run with us, these little ghosts, when we walk the living panting dogs...they all loved this place so much, as we all do. Their home forever.

So, a happier week I hope....today was the Farmer's Market, which was busier than I expected being peak holiday time here. The rain held off, except for a few little showers which didn't touch me (or the cakes,more importantly!) sheltered under the awnings.

Tomorrow, we start a new adventure. We've decided to foster a dog from Rescue Remedies who has been saved from a pound in Wales (and,probably, a sad fate...) His name is Gwilym and he's what's called a Sprollie - that is, a spaniel/collie cross

What a handsome boy he looks! We really wanted to do this as we can't commit to adopting another dog properly at the moment, but there are so many out there needing help and this will give him a respite out of kennels to enjoy family life,eat & exercise well and live with another dog until his forever home is found. It also means that another kennel place is freed for yet another deserving but unwanted dog - and there is a neverending stream of them. Alice is so lucky, and has so much...we thought it would be good for all of us to share a little of that with a less fortunate boy. She may have other ideas of course....but it won't hurt her, and the socialising will be great for her too. Now I'm at home writing a lot, it made sense in so many ways...and more walks can only be a good thing for all of us!

So, Alice and I go to meet him and bring him home tomorrow. An exciting time!

Have a great week....giveaway coming up next, as it's my one year blogging anniversary! More soon.....xx


  1. I didn't even say a thing about that dog who passed away in your last post, shame on me. I am glad you will give a good home to a new dog. As I am typing this, I can hear my in-law's dog barking for attention. We will baby sit (dog sit?) her tomorrow. I will keep your recent posts in mind, because I think we don't appreciate enough the presence of our canid friends sometimes.

  2. Rachel,
    How wonderful to have Widget surrounded by other loved pets in the peaceful graveyard by the pond. Must be such a beautiful, serene place. I believe you live such a happy and blessed life because your heart is so loving & giving. You will be an angel for Gwilym. I know he will be in a home surrounded by so much love! Alice will have a new playmate. Loved your post!! xxoo Rosinda

  3. Look at that sweet little guy...he is darling..i am so HAPPY you will be giving him some love and attention...

    it makes me so sad to think of all the dogs that are NOT LUCKY DOGS...our little guys are so loved and adored and treasured....i would do anything to keep Teddy happy...for he just makes me HAPPY too....i am holding him right now...what a sweet little guy...

    love the area where all the doggys go to their final rest...i like thinking that they are walking with us too...i can feel my sweet Buddy here too....

    Gwilym will be so Happy with you...bless you and your family for helping him.

    sending love to you and alice

    kary and teddy

  4. Loved reading your post, Rachel, and it made me think, as I've thought many times before, that this world needs more Rachels in it. You are truly a dear soul.

  5. Aw, that cemetery for your pets sounds absolutely beautiful. And Gwilym is adorable! What a lucky dog to be rescued by such a loving family! ♥

  6. Such a handsome fellow!

    I hope you are having a wonderful, adventurous time with Alice and Gwilym! You have such a big heart, Rachel...you make this world a better place.



  7. Dearest Rachel,
    I am so very sorry to hear about your beloved Widget. I can only imagine how all of your hearts are aching for her. Her resting place sounds so beautiful and tranquil and it is wonderful to know that she will always be there with you all on the farm.
    Oh my golly crumpets Gwilym is such a handsome boy, I really would love to give him (and Alice) a huge cuddle, so please give him one from me and Poppy too! You and Paul have such wonderful hearts filled with so much warmth and love to give that I know Gwilym will enjoy living with you and it will give him a wonderful start on his new adventure into a happy and charmed life.
    Lots of love
    Morwenna and Poppy

  8. Oh Rachel....this was my LUCKY DAY !!!!!

    your precious book arrived today in the mail... from the other side of the world...

    you are the kindest, most compassionate and loving person...the book is a treasure..i adore it...and you for taking the time to do this...i love how loved the little book has been..and will continue to be loved here at HOME with me and Teddy...

    you know how much this means to me...only true animal lovers know what the loss of a dog is.

    i know you understand...getting to know each other so well in our letters...we both know...."The Love of a Dog".

    I am sending heartfelt thanks and have grateful heart....you are a dear and treasured friend...

    Kary and Teddy

  9. Oh my how the burial site sounds so peaceful. I know those little ghosts will be happy there and to be continually remembered:) We have an urn with our special puppy in it and think of him so often. But have another dog who we love with all our hearts today!

    You are such a wonderful person the bring this beautiful dog home for a reprieve! He looks like a marvelous dog and I know he will get lots of love from you and your family.

    xoxo Gert


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