Australia's "Sunshine?!" Coast!!

Just a short post today....
I arrived on Friday morning after the endless night of the flights...every time we took off it was evening, every meal was dinner followed by breakfast, no days at all! But never mind. I sat next to a lovely lady from the Blue Mountains outside Sydney on the way from Bangkok...we talked for a long time and she wsa so sweet and interesting. That certainly helped to while away the time, as did watching 'Sex & the City 2"....twice (!) "Cemetery Junction" & episodes of my beloved "Frasier"...oh, and I slept a little bit too - not enough, but at least I wasn't too much of a zombie when I stepped off the Jetstar flight at Maroochydore and walked through Arrivals into the arms of beloved Esther and Alfie! It was suddenly all worth it.....

Later, we picked the other two up from school (they knew I was arriving in October, but not when, so the expressions and squeals of delight were priceless!) And since then, the weather, which is mainly torrential rain and high winds, and the jetlag have kept the schedule fairly quiet. Cuddling under a fleecy blanket with the kids watching movies, trying to keep my eyes open long enough to be able to establish a sensible sleep routine and talking, talking, talking.

Tonight I'll be watching 'Eat, Pray, Love' with Esther....we haven't heard great things, but Julia Roberts is always worth a look....and we'll be together.

I can honestly say that I'm more than happy right now. I'll check in again soon. Have a wonderful Sunday xox


  1. You made it! So glad you posted this, and it's so good to hear that you are enjoying yourself. Cuddling up to watch movies sounds PERFECT! :)
    Wishing you a wonderful stay,
    xoxo Dawn

  2. So glad to hear you made it safe and sound. I know it must be all worth it now since you are with family:) Cuddling--watching movies...the best!

    Enjoy your stay and please let me know your thoughts on Eat, Pray, Love.


  3. Soooo happy for you and the whole family, Rachel!! Thank you for letting us know you are safe and sound. Have a wonderful time!!! Hugs, MerrieSherrie

  4. It isn't popular to say that you enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love, but I can honestly say I did.

    I shall be scrolling down to catch the flavor of your blog. I came here at Sharon Lovejoy's suggestion :)

  5. I am happy to read about you so early. My wife envies you a lot.


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