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This was my lunch last Tuesday...well, this and the best twice-cooked cheese souffle I've ever tasted! We always try and have a few special meals while we're away...and this was one of our favourite places last year, so we decided to revisit!
Th Drunken Duck Inn at Barngates near Ambleside...high in the hills.. usuallywith stunning views over the town below although last week it was too this is the stunning view inside the inn!.
See the dried hops hanging from the beams?
Luckily, most of the rest of the trip was we were able to take advantage of the amazing countryside...

We stopped for a picnic beside Yew Tree Tarn (above) and Alice went for her first proper swim! She loves water...but has never done more than paddle before. This time, we heard a surprised yelp as her paws came off the ground and she headed out in the fresh water! When I called her, she executed a perfect turn and swam slowly back before rushing out of the tarn & shaking her wet fur all over our sandwiches!

As well as Beatrix, the Lake District is famous for being the home of William Wordsworth. The home he shared first with his sister Dorothy & later with his wife Mary and their children is Dove Cottage, on the outskirts of Grasmere. We didn't go in as it was SO busy, but I took some pictures of the outside..and garden...

In Grasmere itself is the ancient church where he and his family are now buried..

a beautiful and peaceful resting place!

Another of our very favourite walks is around a small lake called Rydal Water...about 6 miles...perfect for a fine morning..

Wordworth also lived at Rydal when Dove Cottage grew too small for his expanding family..

The garden here was so beautiful too...the house is called Rydal Mount.
Part of this walk is along what was known as the Coffin Route. As there was no church at some of the smaller hamlets, they would carry the coffins along the path so that they could be buried properly in Grasmere churchyard. Although there were flat stones all along the route to lay the burden down and rest...

the distance they travelled was around 5 miles, over quite steep and rocky terrain. As we walked, it made me really think about how easy our lives are now in so many ways. Imagine anyone doing this now?

White Moss Tarn is man made and was originally used probably for washing fleeces before market. If you know Wordsworth's poem 'The Leech Gatherer' (which I studied at High School!)...then this is the place that the poet encountered his subject! It's very beautiful and peaceful...full of birds and yellow irises.

We had such a wonderful time in Cumbria and look forward to going back soon....I'll leave you with some gorgeous pictures taken at Coniston, of the fell they call The Old Man of Coniston (a popular hill to hike!) and a last look at serene Lake Windermere too...

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far...I'm just back from my day on the Farmer's Market, so it's time for a coffee and a cuddle with Alice...xo


  1. Good pictures Rachel. Have you tried an early morning swim in Rydal water...maybe better in the warmer weather but v nice. xx

  2. Lovely pictures. I have been to Grasmere, lovely atmospheric place. Watching those pictures just reminds me that I have seen very little of the Lake District.

  3. Such a beautiful tour... what an absolutely enchanted region! ♥

  4. Oh how totally wonderful in every way. You always make me want to go to England and I wonder should I go could I ever leave. So beautiful.

  5. Rachel, thank you for sharing the rest of your trip with us! All of the pictures are stunning! Rydal Mount looks gorgeous on the exterior. So many beautiful buildings, scenery and gardens. It was a pleasure learning more about Cumbria and the Lakes District. I can see why you chose to go back there again. It really is a beautiful place, full of history too! xoxo

  6. I want to go even MORE to England now---we spend one evening there- it was a layover- I remember having the best Indian food I've ever had and a wonderful little cottage we stayed in...but this....this is breathtaking- I so do appreciate you taking the time for photographs; it is wonderful to be able to see places we might not otherwise see---thank you so much!! It's a 'stay-cation' but we travel so far with your post!!

  7. Do not go for a swim in that tarn, it makes me feel sick just to think of it! Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures, what a history England has. xxxxxxxxxx


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