My May Garden....& Giveaway Result!

As you can see...we have beautiful weather here today and a certain someone is enjoying the sunshine very much! We'd just come back from our  walk when I took this, so she was feeling lovely & mellow...!

The garden is now starting to 'fill out' & look really gorgeous at last...I am having to keep on top of the weeds, especially as we had quite heavy and much needed rainfall yesterday...
Paul's favourite hostas are in their glory. We used to be plagued by snails and slugs eating their way through the leaves of these...but I refuse to use slug pellets in case Alice or the birds ingest they take their chances and as they get more mature, they don't seem to be affected. Keeping them potted does keeping them away from the hedges or anywhere that snails might lurk...

the late-flowering clematis will be a while yet...but it's creeping beautifully up the old front you can see the hollyhock, which has blood-red flowers...soon.

The roses are almost out..

the wild geraniums ARE out...

so are the columbines..

the herb garden is running away now...catmint (in the foreground) will soon have it's mauve flowers on show...

the day lilies won't be long...more buds every day...and the beautiful white allium are just beginning to pop too..

My lovely friend Sandy sent me some sweetpea seeds.....which are doing very well now too! Can't wait to see the fragile fragrant flowers all over the tangled foliage...

New to the garden this year are some irises....3 different kinds...the first one just flowered...

and I can't stop looking at it! This time next month, it will almost be time to open our garden to the public!! More on that in June....but for now, the results of my Great British Giveaway!! Lots of names this time...

all carefully written out and put into a favourite and seasonal Emma Bridgewater bluebell mug...

and then I picked one out....and the name was....

SHANNON!! Well done to you sweetie...if you'll e-mail your postal address to me ( I'll get the parcel off to you asap. Thanks so much to all who entered...I would love you all to win, every time! But I loved reading your comments anyway...and there will be another giveaway before long! I can't resist them!!

Happy week to you xoxox


  1. it all looks lush and green and glorious. Thank you for your sweet tweets xxx

  2. Ohhh doesn't your garden look beautiful. How wonderful to see it all bloom bit by bit. I love snails and even slugs. They seem so magical to me, dunno why. Alice looks darling in her blue bow!

  3. I LOVE Alice with her blue bow on!!! She's a sassy girl in the garden!! Your garden is gorgeous!!!! I love it all and I love how you get so many wonderful things in every corner--that's what I like to do, too!! I hope my sweetpeas will take from Sandy--I was just able to plant them---we'll see!! My garden is changing quickly I may have to do another post next week----
    Love you!

  4. Oh yes....and HUGE congratulations to Shannon!!!!! How wonderful and exciting!

  5. My, oh my!! Your garden is looking absolutely glorious!! Looks like something I would find in a gardening magazine. I LOVE the new gorgeous blue iris! No wonder you can't stop staring at it. Alice looks adorable too with her pretty blue bow!
    Congratulations to Shannon on winning the give-away! I sure hope your Dad is doing well and resting easy at the farm. Looking forward to more pics of your blooming garden and hearing more about opening your pretty garden to the public!! Thanks for sharing sweetie! xoxo

  6. Well done Shannon! It all looks so beautiful Ray, I love the iris, but it's all just so lovely. Thanks for the lovely pictures I can almost smell your garden (in a good way!) xxxxxx

  7. I'm extremely envious of your garden! You have a very green thumb!

  8. Oh my!!!!! I am so excited!!! I can't believe I won!!!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
    I just sent you an email!!
    And thank you to all the people that posted well wishes....xoxo!

  9. Congratulations to Shannon. Your garden is really beautiful, love the iris, really stunning.

  10. Springtime is lovely in full bloom. And I would suggest beer for the slugs (they drown in it and die happy), but I don't want Alice to get intoxicated too, so my suggestion is: you might have to live with them.

  11. Your garden is coming along splendidly and soon will be a show stopper. Alice just melts my heart everytime I see her or little Charlie. Makes me want another dog. Think you have the perfect weather for sweetpeas can't wait to see them in bloom. Love you sweetie! xoxo

  12. Your garden is spectacular, Rachel!!! And how darling Miss Alice looks in her Alice Blue Bow!! What a lovely posting! Have been away so am posting this late....Congratulations to lucky Shannon!!! You are so generous, Rachel! Have a wonderful day! Love, Sherry xoxo

  13. Greetings to you, Rachel. I've been away and look what I've missed! Such beautiful flowers! And Alice - how cute is she?! Congratulations to Shannon on that win. I hope your days have been lovely!

  14. Ahh Alice looks soo cute in her beautiful ribbon! Please give her a big cuddle from me and kiss from Poppy!
    Your garden looks lovely and I expect everything is just flourishing even since these photos were taken? Our gardens are really taking on their summer form and I have even been able to cut the first roses! It is such an exciting and beautiful time for all of the flora and I am looking forward to June's photo already!
    Love Morwenna

  15. hi rachel and alice...look at that sweet baby out getting that good sun....just what teddy loves too...we have been in the garden alot...but now..the rains have come back...

    i loved seeing your garden...we have alot of the same plants..i had slug trouble too...and i don't put out bait cause of teddy and i feed my doves on the ground i did the old "beer in a saucer" and it worked !!!!

    happy to stop by and visit you, my sweet friend
    hugs to alice

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  16. You garden too, Rachel :) I love gardening :) I'll have to get some recent pictures and put them on my blog this weekend. I've been neglecting blogging lately.

    did you try some egg shells around your hostas? slugs don't like them :) hair cuttings too. copper wrapped around the pots will help too, just a wire around the bottom, out about 3 inches or so :)

    Hope they stay away for you,
    Denise of Ingleside, PEI


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