June in the Garden....

On Sunday, weather permitting, we open our garden to the public as part of the Secret Gardens event which raises money for local charities...yesterday it rained ALL day...and it was cold! So I'm taking every spare minute this week to deadhead, weed, sweep and generally make sure that it's all fit to be seen! 18 gardens around the Old Town are opening this year...we had a rest last Summer, which gave us a chance to go & see everyone else's wonders...and gave people a chance to miss us a little (always a good plan...)
Alice will stay in the house for that afternoon...but this week she's 'helping' me, of course...

I fear the beautiful blue of the ceanothus and the lupins will have faded and almost gone by Sunday...

but there's plenty of colour still to keep it interesting! We may have the beehive in situ by then too...I'm growing lots of blue flowers as they are among the favourites of honeybees...

the clematis is almost over the back wall...it's a late-flowering one, but is early as almost everything is this year due to the warm Spring we had...

I hope we  have sunshine to show off the vivid colours of the geraniums, roses, hydrangeas (which are just emerging) and the sweet little 'Banana Split' nasturtiums..
Lots of edible plants coming along too...

runner beans...


blueberries and strawberries ripening as the sun gains strength...

I hope there will be some flowers on the tangle of sweetpeas that my dear friend, Sandy, sent me...

I'll be sitting in this chair on the day, ready to greet the visitors and answer any questions they may have about the garden and plants (that's the bit I really enjoy!)
As I was pottering this morning, this little chap landed to bask awhile in the warm sunshine..

and Alice was entranced...

I had to supervise carefully until he finally took flight again!

This is one of the best months for the garden, I think...everything is reaching it's peak...fragrance and colour are at their height, before the long days start to drain their energy and they begin to set seed and turn blowsy...
I'll take some pictures on Sunday to share with you...I wish you could all come and visit too!

Enjoy all that the week has to offer...xo


  1. I wish I could visit too! It all looks lovely, I hope the weather stays dry-but-not-too-hot for you :O)

  2. Delightful garden Rachel, think your garden visitors will enjoy it so much on Sunday. You have so many lovely things growing in your garden for it's size. Really a fest for the eyes.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty and I always love pictures of Alice (cutie that she is).

  3. Oh it's wonderful!!! I LOVE garden tours!! How exciting!!!! Have you ever taken a little video with your camera like Susan does--little vignettes of sorts---if you can, maybe next time you can do a quick scan of your garden---and we could all hear the birds and the bees!! I'll be thinking of you on Sunday as you delight your audiences!! xo Joann

  4. What a huge variety of lovely plants you have, Rachel! And look at all the gorgeous colors!! I just do not know how you have time to take care of it all and do all the baking you do!! What a treat for the public and how I wish I was among them to smell the fragrance and see each and every green growie!! I know it will be a huge succes!! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  5. That was truly wonderful. It feels as tho I've had a little vacation today thanks to sharing your garden tour. I guess Alice isn't naturally afraid of bees like the dogs in the movie Marmaduke. Hopefully she won't find out the reason why they are.

  6. So glad I stumbled upon your blog! Your garden is absolutely beautiful!! And your Alice is adorable.

  7. Oh I wish we could come visit too as your garden looks glorious :) Ours is a work in progress and I hope one day it will bloom as beautifully as yours xx

  8. Dearest Rachel,
    Your June garden is delightful! I wish I could be there on Sunday visiting your and your beautiful garden :) Everyone will have a fantastic time looking at all of your pretties and smelling all of the blooms.
    The weather on Sunday was hideous wasn't it?! Most of our veggies were injured by the winds and most of my rosebuds are now little stumps without a petal in sight :( I am going to plant lots of new seeds this week to replace all that I have lost, fingers crossed the bad winds and rains will lay off for a while.
    Love Morwenna

  9. Oh Rachel...sure wish I could come Sunday also your garden looks just amazing!! Love the variety and color! wow...I remember it being just a few green spurts coming up...smile... You are ahead of us on some of your flowers and later on others...isn't that funny?? Love the Ceanothus, never seen one before. Beautiful!!!

    xoxo Gert

  10. I, too, wish I could visit your garden come Sunday! We have been very dry here, with no rain for 3 weeks, and my husband is watering our vegetables every morning. Even the late-blooming azaleas "think" it has been too hot and dry! I'm sure visitors will be pleased with what your garden has to offer.

  11. I am in awe of your garden. I don't think I'd be able to speak if I were on the tour. Too struck by all that lushness, the sublime color scheme of all those cool blues and greens, and gray, then the occasional burst of color with your hydrangias , roses and what looks like geranium? Its really a work of art.

  12. Dear Rachel,
    Your garden looks absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could visit this Sunday as well! I love all the beautiful colors and the assortment of flowers. I am sure visitors will fall in love with it. How wonderful to open your garden to others! I hope Sunday brings you a lovely weather day with lots of warmth and sunshine! I am looking forward to hearing more about it! xoxo

  13. Your garden looks delightful, Rachel. My wife is the gardener here and I've passed the link for this to her, as I feel sure she will enjoy this space.

  14. poetjansties wife16 June 2011 at 17:42

    What a beautiful garden! Congratulations from one who knows it isn't always easy though always enjoyable (well, mostly anyway). I wish we could visit on Sunday.

  15. Your garden is wonderfull, it will be a pleasure to visit a nice place as that, best regard from Belgium.

  16. rachel...we sure are "cut from the same cloth"...teddy and i have been out in our garden too...i love seeing little alice with you...are you feeling better? i hope so.

    your garden is lovely, my sweet friend

    i enjoyed seeing all of it...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy


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