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Last week was a difficult one for us all again as my Dad's health continues to cause concern. He went to hospital after another scare - thankfully, he was home again quickly and his medication is being adjusted to hopefully give him more peace of mind and comfort.

In the middle of all the stress and worry, my youngest sister took this wonderful photograph of Dad and my youngest nephew while they were out on a walk in the woods. I wanted to share it with touched me so much.

Spend some time - real time - with those you love this week. I've been guilty so many times of taking it for granted that those dearest to me will always be around when I am less busy....I'm trying to change. Nothing, in the end, is more important.

Cool and rainy today - the garden is singing! I'll be posting my June garden very shortly...

Have a great day xoxo


  1. Ahh what a lovely picture. Made me think of my dad and my nephew, who does remember him. My daughter doesn't because she was barely three when he died. I'm glad your nephew has your dad to share all the fun guy & gramps stuff. And I hope your dad will be around to enjoy all of life's loves and pleasures for a very long time to come.

  2. Oh Rachel, that picture is to be treasured forever. What a perfect moment, captured!
    I am so glad to hear your dad is mending. I know he must be quite a special man to have fathered such a lovely woman!
    Sending the scent of June roses your way,
    Love you,

  3. Oh Rachel what a lovely picture! That is go be treasured for years to come. My prayers are for your father to mend & do better. We are all guilty of having life get in the way of spending quality time with those we love. I was the same way but the time we did spend together was precious!

    Have a blessed day!
    xoxo Gert

  4. Dear Rachel,
    I understand so well. When I'm with my mother I'm thinking about all the work I need to do at home, and when I'm home I'm thinking about how I should be with mother.
    So happy your dad is back home where I know he will flourish with all the loving care of his family.

  5. hello sweet rachel and alice...what a lovely photograph...just a treasure...

    i am happy to hear that he is back home and doing well...

    sending love and best wishes...always

    kary and teddy

  6. My dear Rachel,

    Thanks for your healing words and I LOVE your posting and the beautiful photograph. I have a long time friend in Cambria who I adore. She is pretty tough, but I've seen her go through lots of life and body changes in the past year. Every time I see her or talk to her I try to cradle the memories in my heart.

    I'll write later when I am feeling better. I am hatching an idea for you and Paul to come to New England in the fall.



  7. Oh, Rachel, I was so sad to hear of another scare with your father's health! I hope they can get him stable with the meds so you all can enjoy some peaceful times. The photo is so charming and says it all. Such a special bond between grandparent and grandchild! Sending you lots of love and a special thank you for your kind words to me...Hugs, Sherry xx

  8. I'm sorry for such a hard and stressful time. That photo is, indeed, a keeper. Love and prayers, Val

  9. Rachel, first of all I must apologise for not popping in more often. I must have copied your feed into my blog reader incorrectly somehow as I wasn't even aware of all these updates you were making (not that I am great at keeping up with people these days anyway, but at least now having your feed properly installed I have a bit of chance of keeping up!)

    Sorry to hear your dad has been unwell and pleased that things seem to be looking up a bit. You are so right about making time for people now, and it is so easy to get swept away in the daily rush only to realise weeks if not months have gone by without a proper catch up!

  10. Very touching, very sweet picture.

  11. I did post a comment, but for some reason it did not appear....however, this picture was incredible to me. As I lost my own father when I was just 20, it is extremely beautiful to see your dad in this photograph and spending a quiet moment with a grandchild---I know that you treasure each and every moment with him and that his anticipation of Esther coming soon will bring renewed joy to his soul!! xoxo

  12. what a beautiful photo. i hope your dad is doing well and on the mend. my thoughts are with you and your family. xoxo, blair


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