Ghoulies & ghosties...& warm Autumn days!

Of course, we live in the PERFECT setting for Hallowe'en....

even though I've never felt remotely scared living with a graveyard as my front garden...I can see why some might be SPOOKED by it....

and there was a certain eerieness the other morning in the mist....
But, as you probably know, the UK doesn't really do Hallowe'en....there's the odd decorated house....

( I love the dead fruitbat hanging from the upstairs windowbox!) but they're few and far between (although I know it's getting more and more popular here) We have a really long way to go to make it the amazingly decorated ghoulfest that is the US celebration!
I have a little dedicated Hallowe'en front window...with the lovely cards I've been sent, and some other creepy bits (the glow-in-the-dark skeletons will go up in a while, and I'll light the candles after dark....)

I've had lots of little faces peeking in at this window over the weekend! they especially love the glittery ghost

(thanks Morwenna!! X) But even though I always have a bowl of candy ready for the young trick-or-treaters, we never get more than a couple visiting...perhaps because they find walking round a graveyard just too scary?! Paul always laughs at me, as I get so disappointed!! Still...if they come tonight - I'll be ready!

I just had to share this wonderful walk with you too - and bring some sunshine to this spooky post! Friday & Saturday were like a golden, mellow, sunny dream. Alice & I never wanted to leave the hills...
the gorse was vibrant yellow...

and the berries so red against the blue of the sky...

cobwebs lay like beaded gossamer on the bushes...

and the sun shone through the trees like summer...

I made you a little video too (no wind crackles in this one - there was barely a breath of wind)

I love my shadow at the end...looks a little eerie, doesn't it? Which is where we came in.....have a Happy Hallowe'en, everyone...

BOO! xx


  1. What a lovely video. Coincidentally I did the same on Friday, up at our Trig point, five minutes from home. I should upload it really.

    Delightful blog, Rachel.

  2. Hi Rachel's shadow! I love the graveyard photos and the peek at your window decorations. I hope this year, you get a few more children at your door. Fingers crossed.xx By the way, I really enjoyed the small video clip - the beautiful view, your soft voice, and sweetie, Alice! Happy Hallowe'en! xoxo

  3. Happy Halloween! Oh I looove the churchyard near your place. A perfect Halloween setting that looks like one of those Hammer movies. (Their studios were near Maidenhead and Slough actually, so it's not impossible the churchyard did show up in one of them).

  4. Happy Hallowe'en, sweet Rachel!! How nice of you to include the cards in your photos!! : ) Love the charming church yard. What a perfect day you had for the panoramic video of the valley...I always love seeing Alice and your "tall" shadow self is just perfect for today!!! Love and hugs, Sherry xxxx

  5. What a beautiful view to leave us with and you waving at the end!
    Oh, and I would love to have that peaceful and quiet cemetary near me, sounds wonderfully serene.

  6. Oh thank you so much for the Halloween tour. I always love your travelogues so much. It's like a mini vacation for me. LOVE the shadow of you--so tall and scary. Hehehehe

  7. I'm a little late commenting, so I know you did get your trick-or-treaters. I'm glad you weren't disappointed. You live in such a beautiful place, graveyard and all, and I'm glad you share it with us. I can never get over hearing your voice in your videos. You sound so lovely. xoxo

  8. Hi Rachel,
    I always love coming along with you on your walks. How lucky you and Alice (and Paul) are to be in such a beautiful place. Your blog is lovely and I love reading about your days in England. Thanks for sharing ; )

  9. I wish too that we had some trick or treaters, still, it left me with a lot of chocolates to eat which was great! Lovely blog xxxx

  10. yes, you certainly have the perfect Halloween setting!

    Love your halloween window.


  11. Looks as if it was a perfect halloween.
    I know i didn't get enough candy!


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