My October garden...& a cosy afternoon

I haven't posted in a while...first, as you know, I had the wonderful visit of my sister & her children to enjoy. And then, a week ago, they left again. I always need a little time to recover afterwards...this will sound dramatic, but it's a little mourning period for me. If you don't have people you love so much, living so far's a little hard to explain. All I can say is that there's an emptiness, an ache...and when you are apart, however good and full life is, in the back of your mind and in your heart there's always something missing. It gets to the stage where it's almost easier not to see them, because I start to miss them before they've even arrived....and it gets harder every time. But there's nothing to be done - it's a fact of our lives - and I count myself so lucky to have the closeness and love that transcends the miles. C'est la vie!

And now it's October - can you believe it? My most favourite of months, and already a week old...
It's a difficult time in the garden, I find. Messy and fading....too early to really clear up, too late for most of the beauty....but there are  still pockets of gorgeous colour here and there...

and there's something so beautiful about the plants setting seed ....getting ready for their hibernation but making plans for Spring too!

The last of the mini-harvest is gathered...

the odd strawberry still ripening (I'm leaving them for the birds, though...although on some sunny days I can't resist pinching one!)
and I am so proud of my tomatoes this year...all grown totally outdoors! I made this bowlful into a fragrant soup yesterday...
There's no denying though that winter is on the way....the greens are fading into browns and the leaves are dying off, ready for the big sleep...

Some afternoons are warm enough, still, to sit outside and enjoy the last golden moments. But not today. I have some work to do...and Paul has to go to the office. But later, I will be sitting here...

in my very favourite chair....and trying to catch up on the huge pile of magazines that have accumulated over the summer (I buy a new one and it goes on the stack!)
with some beloved Mozart in the always....and this little companion somewhere near...
tired after her long run with her 'dad' this morning. The perfect, cosy, Sunday my world, anyway!
It's good to be back - I've missed you! Have a great week xoxo


  1. Ahh you're sounding more like yourself even if you are in mourning. Maybe it's transforming into anticipation of the next visit. I hope so. It's so odd to me to see the visual evidence of things changing seasonally. Does that happen here? Only a little. I wore a jacket today but it's nothing as dramatic as what's coming your way. It's as though you were just saying wow it's winter but spring is coming and now it's almost winter again. Same with Rosinda and her porch. Guess this is more a testament to my geriatric state and the concurrent speed of time than of seasonal changes in your world. Tho maybe if I were back in NY it would all feel normal to me. It's been a long time I've lived in the land of eternal springtime and it's a pleasure to see evidence from you that the world turns. Love the little hanging bird. And Alice too of course!

  2. Oh Racheal your garden looks so wonderful...ours is almost all gone i'm sorry to say... Alice looks so comfy and in need for a good relaxing time! Have a blessed day!


  3. ah what a gorgeous post. I think you explain how and why you miss your family in the most beautiful way.

    I adore this time of year. I felt a bit robbed with the late heatwave. I wanted crisp air, raindrops and falling leaves. Happy to say that's exactly what we are having now, so I am happy!

    I'm exactly like you with the magazines. I have an addiction and can't resist them. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed at the stack of mags V my lack of time to read them!
    Yesterday I bought my first Christmas special of the year, from Good Housekeeping. I think it's going to be the only one I buy this year, I flicked through a couple of the others but they seem very much the same as every other year, so I won't bother with them.

    Have a lovely Sunday. Happy reading :O) x

  4. Can't believe it's over a week since I saw your garden, and it's changed already! Thanks for letting us look at your life. I hope you enjoy the magazines! xxxxxxxxx

  5. Ahhh, Rachel. My degree is in magazine journalism. No, I never worked in the business, but,OH, how I love a magazine! My summer favorite chair is in the front of the house; my winter favorite chair is in the back-but always stacks of beautiful magazines sprout up like mushrooms. Happy cozy October Sunday. Stunning garden, beckoning magazines, and a whole family that loves you just the same, whether you are in the next room or a far away country. xoxo

  6. As an expat I understand and feel your pain: I sorely miss my family, my friends, but also the two children of my best friends who are like my niece and nephew (in fact their son is my godson). It hurts a lot not seeing them.

    October is my favourite month of the year too! Autumn is indeed my favourite season. It is always a good time to listen to Mozart, but I listen more to the Requiem and to Don Giovanni, the first because it is sombre and it fits the season, the second because of its supernatural and terrifying last scene.

  7. Dear Rachel,

    Maybe someday you will be closer, til then there are phone calls and e mails and even yearly visits! Your strawberries remind me there is a huge patch of wild blackberries at the side of our house and i think I could gather enough to make a pie. And I'd better get going before the birds take them. They have begun to gather in large flocks chatting and then swooping off suddenly. A sure sign of fall!

  8. Oh, sweet Rachel, it tugs at my heart! Yes, I know the feeling of having loved ones thousands of miles away, visiting, then parting again... All we have is today and we have to keep visiting. I am not great with words, but know that you are in my thoughts and prayers for better days ahead. Your garden and your work are wonderful therapies. Your garden is so lovely... and now I can picture you listening to your sweet music, comfy in your chair, ensconced with new issues. May peace fill your heart....Love, Sherry xoxo

  9. Oh, honey, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. We have to keep visiting our loved ones...this tugs at my heart as I have had family so far away...
    Your beautiful garden and work are great therapies. May peace fill your heart, as you listen to your music, sink into your comfy chair! With love, Sherry xoxo

  10. Oh I know that lonely ache you are talking about. My mother comes over from England to the USA to see me every few years and each moment is so precious, so many easy smiles and joyful moments and then they are gone. You sit in the same chair without that person you love so much or stand in the kitchen ... :)



  11. As I sit in my hotel room, tears run down my face reading this post. Hard to explain, but I will later. This is beautiful. I miss my garden at the log home, but somehow, God has a plan that we cannot question. Your garden makes me realize how similar this time of year is to Colorado.....I LOVED the comment that it is still too early to clean up but things are shedding, drying, seeding. I know this time well. It is sad but then the season of the holidays approach quickly and the winter air draws us in. And month, YOU will have another chance at a visit to the US. I wish that somehow we could meet....all of us. If you know of a way, let me know. The love you have for your sister is powerful. I feel it and I KNOW she does!!!!! And I do understand the need to 'recover.' I really do....

  12. Oh Rachel dear, you've brought tears to my eyes and my heart goes out to you. It's always there, isn't it -- that lonely spot in our hearts -- just below the surface, and any little thing can call it up and momentarily overwhelm us. There must be so many people who go through this, the way people are scattered about. I don't think we were really meant to be so far away from our loved ones, but it's hard to stay in one place when there's so much to be discovered in this world. So we make the best of it and learn new ways to stay connected, but you and I both know, nothing takes the place of a real hug!

    The pictures of your garden and your favorite chair are so comforting, and I'm reminded of all the things that bring solace to lonely hearts. Gardens and cups of tea with a favorite magazine in a cozy corner have to be at the top of the list. It tickled me greatly to see the little bird I sent you perched on a branch looking for all the world like she was about to pluck a berry with her beak :)

  13. Rachel,
    I totally understand what you mean about having your loved ones so far away from you, and the pain you feel when, after a wonderful visit, they then must go home. That is why you must have the BEST of times when you ARE together. That is what we try to do with my husband's parents when we are in England!
    Love your tomatoes and I think that an English strawberry might be my favorite thing to eat ever! Your garden is beautiful... nothing better than an English garden to me!

  14. Dear Rachel,

    I loved seeing your October garden! You're right, there are still many pops of colour, even though it's almost time for the garden to hibernate. Thanks for sharing it all with us. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday, sitting in the big comfy chair, reading your magazines. I am guilty of buying too many magazines, but one cannot resist the temptation! I do hope you had a lovely weekend! Sending love from across the pond! xoxo

  15. I love your furry friend! I know what you mean about absent friends and family - the joy of seeing them is always tinged with the sadness of knowing that they will also have to leave.

    I am so glad to discover your blog - look forward to keeping up with you.

    Pomona x

  16. My dear friend,

    I feel your deep sense of loss. I knew Esther and the children were there and I knew that you'd go through a free fall–always so sad, but a testimony of your deep, loving heart.

    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely, lovely garden. I enjoyed every photo, especially the one of your heartbeat curled up.

    Love, love,


  17. I like the way you think and plan for the winter. Even though there won't be gardening for awhile during the winter season, you are ready with all your magazines. Two thumbs up!

  18. Wow! I am really amazed of the beauty of your garden! It looks very stunning and beautiful! Congratulations on it!


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