Bluebells beginning & those giveaway results...

I'm sorry that this post is a little late....the week has been such a busy one, and I'm breathing a sigh of relief that it's Friday and the weekend will bring a chance to relax & regroup! Many exciting things happening work-wise which will be revealed in due course...but they need thinking & planning time which I have to fit in somewhere!
The cold & rainy weather has continued here all has its benefits, one of which is that Spring seems to be holding back a little instead of continuing its headlong rush...but I did notice on my walk with Alice yesterday that the bluebells are just starting to emerge...
in a week or so this will be a carpet of cobalt...but I love the 'blue fuzz' that tips the green right now. Full of promise!
We took a detour through the beech woods yesterday...the sun came out for a few minutes as we ploughed through the mud, and the light glowed through the soft new leaves...

My dear friend Susan Branch calls it 'screaming green'...but at the moment it's just softly calling! The screaming will begin in a few more days...
When the sun does show itself, it's beautifully warm...the promise of things to come. The lilacs in the churchyard are almost out too...everything is burgeoning..
So much beauty everywhere I look!

And now, that giveaway! Thanks so much for all your entries...I loved hearing about your special books and it seems that Anne is a real favourite with everyone. Just to let you know, I put everyone into the draw...whether they've won before or not, and wherever they live! If you are sweet enough to read my blog and leave a comment, you deserve the same chance as anyone else!
The winner this time was.....
Martha Ellen!
Well done, sweetie - I know that you will love the beautiful book & the tea towel is so gorgeous that I've ordered another one for myself! Could you please let me know your postal address? Either by emailing me at the address shown at the top of this blog, or you can Direct Message me on Twitter if you do that...I am @MozartsGirl . I will then pack them up & send them right off to you with my love!
Thanks again to everyone...I hope you've had a good week and that your weekend is wondrous!


  1. beautiful bluebells. Spring is a glorious season.

    Lucky Martha Ellen!

    Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the rain ;o)

  2. Congratulations to Martha Ellen!! Rachel, I'm looking forward to hearing about your exciting news (in due time). Loved seeing the photos of the bluebells. We are having similar weather here in Ontario - Spring decided to come early, but is now slowing down its pace to keep up with itself. I think that is a good can't rush these things, you know! I'm glad too, for Susan, that the bluebells are holding back! Have a wonderful, restful weekend, sweetie! Loe you! xoxo

  3. Oh Rachel--Yipee!! Thank you so much for the generous giveaway--I can hardly believe I won!! I emailed you with the particulars--Thanks again and have a lovely, restful weekend!
    Martha Ellen

  4. Martha Ellen is a lucky girl, its a lovely book
    and tea towel. Rachel the bluebell wood is the gentlest place , must be something to walk through one. I'm sorry to have missed your giveaway post but my blog dissapeared for a bit and I had to build a new one, now I know how much I miss far away friends like you when I am out of touch!

  5. Congratulations to Martha Ellen!
    We celebrate three birthdays this week-end! Cakes galore and more!:)
    Have a great week-end, Rachel.

  6. Dear one--I have been skating in circles for the last month. Just so you know, I grew on heavy doses of Anne and ALLL the books. And Jo March, and ALLL Louisa May's books...and almost everything else I could get my hands on.

    I love you talking about a "beech forest." It's completely new to me. We may have them, but I know nothing about them. Do you read England's own Beverley Nichols' garden books? 'Merry Hall' and all that? Larches? I have no idea what larches are, and I yearn for a crusty old gardener to help me with my garden.

    Gloriously sunny here, but 46! For pete's sake...hmmm, maybe you don't say "pete's sake" in England. I have no idea who Pete is.

    Kiss Alice for me! xo

  7. If it wasn't for the flowers blossoming I wouldn't know it is spring. It feels very much like autumn.

  8. Well done Martha Ellen, it's a great win. Rachel, it's lovely that you do these giveaways with all the horrible things in life, you bring a lot joy to it with your sweetness. xxxx

  9. Oh Congratulations to Martha Ellen---may the tea towel be used in a warm and wonderful kitchen full of delicious food and generous amounts of smiles....

    You're amazing Rachel....

  10. Rachel I received the beautiful Anne of Green Gables book today! It is absolutely beautiful! I will always cherish it! The tea towel is quite unique--I think it would make a lovely hanging. Hope your weather has improved and thanks so much for your generousity!
    Martha Ellen xo


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