A Spring Giveaway....

It seems ages since my last giveaway. I've had such a busy week, cooking and spring cleaning (nothing like the promise of treasured house guests to sweep away the cobwebs...metaphorical AND real!) Every morning on my walks with Alice, I've noticed beautiful little signs that the new season is really with us...
although the chilly temperatures are making sure that everything blooms at the right pace....the bluebells have been held back, when a few weeks ago I thought they would explode - far too early.
Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my recent posts - I found the discussions sparked by my 'Desert Island Books' to be especially interesting.
Because 'Anne of Green Gables' seems to have touched just about everyone, I thought it would be fitting to offer a very special copy as my first giveaway prize.
I know that most of you will already have the book - but this is a collector's edition, published by Everman's Library. And you can never have too many copies of a wonderful story!

Cloth-bound and with gorgeous illustrations...

this may be one you will want to pass on to your daughter...or grand-daughter...or another special little girl (or just keep for yourself to treasure!)
It will be sent to you with my love, and with an extra gift...and  a reminder of another fabulous children's tale... I love Frances Hodgson Burnett's 'The Secret Garden' (also 'A Little Princess) and this beautiful tea towel
from Kitchen Sink Dramas (great name for a teatowel company!) is printed with a snippet of that magical story. Almost too good to use!
So, as usual, all that you need to do to be included in the draw for my Spring Giveaway is to leave me a comment and tell me (if you haven't already) your Desert Island Book.
The draw will be made on Wednesday 25th April which is also Anzac Day.
Good luck - and thanks so much for reading xo


  1. Oh, Rachel, what a wonderful giveaway!! As I mentioned to you before, Anne of Green Gables is one of my favourite books of all time. After you mentioned the book in your last post, I was inspired to pull out my AOGG copy and reread it again. I am almost half-way through; reading a few pages every night until my eyes are heavy and ready for sleep. This copy is so special and I would love to be the lucky winner! I will imagine that it is so! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway and good luck to all who enter!

    Have a wonderful week, sweetie! xoxo

  2. How lovely Rachel! Won't enter, as not cerebral enough I don't think. Maybe Ricky Gervais' flanimals? Good luck to everyone xxx

  3. Lovely pictures! You can include me in the giveaway, although I have already won one.

    My desert island book? Tough choice. Earthly Power by Anthony Burgess, so I will have a lot to read. Or Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

  4. You know I read a book a day for decades and somehow missed this one--no idea how. I must read it! My desert island book--my ephemeris--so I could predict my rescue. 2nd choice--a how to book on building without tools. :)

  5. This is just fabulous!!!! I love the story so very much...

    I would love to be a winner of this fantastic book---with three daughters, I would give it to the middle one and she would have to share with her older and younger sisters. Anne of Green Gables was one of her favorite stories as a young girl.

    I've been going through boxes in the basement and found an old copy of it from when she was a young girl---I thought of re-wrapping it for her.

    So....my favorite desert isle book? It would have to be Simple Abundance---it got me through a couple of really tough years, and I can always count on that book to lift my spirits and remind me of what is truly important.

    Have a wonderful week Rachel!!!!

  6. Oh lovely lovely book. My old paperback copy has no illustrations and is falling apart so this wold be very welcome indeed. FHB was another of my favourites too. I really must find time to do some reading. As stated before, my boring choice is P&P

  7. I haven't been by in a while, don't know why other than just crazy busy! I have not read any of these books, although I've see the Anne of Green Gables movies . . . Please don't enter me, as the postage to the U.S.A. would be too expensive!

    Have a great week!

  8. love that book! I have A Christmas Carol in that style, and I adore it.

    I've never read Anne of Green Gables. Seen films of it, but not read it. Shame on me!

    Glad I'm not too late for your giveaway, I'd have been upset about that!

    Spring is in full bloom here too. We came back home to a garden bursting full of tulips, blossom, long grass and bumble bees! Beautiful time of year.


    p.s am excited that you will get to see Thumbelina in person, you'll see exactly what I mean about it being a bit special. And be warned, it's VERY tempting!!!!


  9. The Secret Garden is one of my and my daughter's favorite. When we read this when she was a child, she wanted to landscape a "secret garden" in our garden. We did and it still exists--a favorite of our property.
    Thank you for the lovely post.
    Martha Ellen

  10. Hi Rachel: I finally got through to your blog site! Good to see your photos again! Pat Mofjeld

  11. Oh, my! How could I choose a Desert Island book?!? I absolutely LOVE reading, and there are so many that have been outstanding in my opinion. I have enjoyed Rosamunde Pilcher through the years, particularly The Shell Seekers. That would be appropriate for a Desert Island, wouldn't it?
    Although I've already won a giveaway, it would be a real treat to win this one. The date you have announced for the drawing is my birthday!:)


  12. Dear Rachel,
    Don't know how I missed this post and I must be too late for this giveaway, but I must tell you how much I love both of these books.
    Hope you are well and happy!

  13. Miss you dear Rachel.

    This is generous beyond measure, but please don't toss my cap in. I have a few copies and feel someone should have a chance at this treasure.

    Love to you, Paul, and Alice,



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