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So it's almost upon us! I don't know why I get so excited about the Christmas season. I'm not religious at all, I'm not that keen on the day itself and I'm separated from some of the people I love most at this time of year. BUT the run up, the Advent period, the decorating, the carols, the frosty weather, the lights, the present buying, the movies, the food.... just grab me every December, fill me with excitement, wonder, creativity,'s a kind of magic! This year I'm looking forward to it more than ever. Perhaps because I'm really organised and that means that I should be able to enjoy the holiday without worrying or too much stress. It's so hard, in most ways, having my middle sister and her family so far away in Australia, but if it has one redeeming feature it's that it pushes you into searching out the perfect presents early and getting them wrapped, packed and sent off by the end of November at the latest! And over the years, this has expanded from just getting their presents, to getting everyone's presents because among the many pearls of wisdom that fall from the lips of the wonderful, beautiful Susan Branch ( and you'll see what I mean!) is the truth that presents should be bought throughout the year, when you see them, NOT left until the last minute when you'll (let's face it) buy anything in your desperation to have a gift to give...not only probably choosing something unsuitable but usually hideously overpriced and extravagant. This is the pitfall that so many men fall prey to when they don't even start thinking about a present for their loved ones until Christrmas Eve! So if I have one thing to share with you this Advent-Eve it's this: if you haven't already, start buying things now, get them wrapped in good time (another job that's fun if done as you go along, but stressful and shoulder-aching if left until Christmas Eve!) and then r-e-l-a-x. You'll have time to enjoy the beautiful things about the holiday season, without that nag in the back of your mind!


  1. You (and Sue) are so right, it makes much more sense to buy throughout the year. I like to do that with birthday cards, too...whenever I see one I like, it's in the bag!
    I, too, love the weeks leading up to Christmas...the whole village puts up lights and wreaths, and there are hot roasted chestnuts to snack on out of paper cones when you take a break from shopping...everything feels so festive!
    It will be lovely being in touch with you over this holiday season, so happy to have 'met' you! :)
    xo dawn

  2. I try to buy throughout the year too and the last things on my list are usually the foodie gifts that I have to make leading up to Christmas. Also like Dawn I buy occasion cards all the time too! How very organised and alike we all are, Merry Christmas Rachel xoxo

  3. Ooh and forgot to say jinx with our GH wreath! Great minds think alike again xoxo


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