Luces meae vitae....

Nine years ago, my darling younger sister emigrated to the beautiful East Coast of Australia. It's something that she & have I never quite recovered from. It's her home and she loves it there, she's married to a gorgeous, tall, dark, handsome Aussie hunk of manhood and she definitely wouldn't be happy living back here in the grey, cold (usually) UK. But - there is always but - she's not with me physically and that's harder than anyone not in the same situation will ever know. We talk every week without fail and e-mail or text most days too....I also am lucky enough to be able to visit every year and they have been back to England 3 times too. But it's the everyday things, the not being able to just pick up the phone when I hear or see something funny, the popping round for a cup of tea, the quick 'I love you' hug when you really need it...and it all became much, much harder seven years ago when my adorable niece was born, followed by her 2 delectable brothers.

I made it across 12,ooo miles in time for all three births, and I can honestly say that they are the lights of my life. Everyone thinks this about their own children, but I know I'm right when I say that none were ever so beautiful, sparky, intelligent, kind, funny and delightful as Scout, Kip & Alfie are! They are truly a delight to spend time with, and I look forward to seeing them grow into the wonderful adults I know they'll be. I'm just lucky that I now have another gorgeous nephew this side of the world, or the deprivation might send me mad!

The reason for the photo that accompanies this post is that the children call the moon 'Bella Luna' (italian spoken in broad Aussie accents has to be heard to be believed - but it works!) and wherever I am, I look up and see it and know that in a few hours the same sharp brightness will be lighting their night sky.....such a BIG sky they have....and it's comforting, somehow.

So here's to you, Little Robinsons (and big ones too!) You are loved far, far more than I can ever say. X


  1. Thank you for sharing this Rachel, it brought a tear to my eye. I hope you get to see your lovely sister, brother in law, neice and nephews soon xx

  2. Your sister and her family sound amazing, epecially your sister. I know that she loves you as much and misses you every day, and your children too, how could they not with such an amazing, beautiful warm and creative person as you. The cupcakes are absolutely amazing, my kids would love some of those next halloween! xxxxx


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