Some things I love to bake...

This tray of Cherry Pie Bars, for example. A recipe I made up for our local coffee shop to sell today. Quick-ish, looks delicious (I think!) and tastes good too (I actually bought a slice this afternoon) Or this tray of Spiced Autumn Gingerbread with Orange Frosting. Really gorgeous, just gingery enough and moist as anything.
But other things really stress me out, and give me no inspiration whatsoever. This cake, for example. I really, really hate baking novelty cakes! Everyone who orders one, has a picture in their heads of just how the cake should look. And my huge worry is that it just won't! And they'll be so disappointed, and I'll end up on one of my favourite blogs,! I don't think this effort will get there, and it SHOULD taste fine. But I'm really, really, really not going to bake any more novelty cakes ever ever again. Unless I really love the person. And they really love me!!


  1. I think that the soccer ball cake is really brilliant Rachel, but I think that your other two cakes look far more appetizing. I would love to have a slice of the cherry pie bar and a nice cup of Early Grey just now! I have just made a batch of blueberry and banana muffins for my kids, not as fabulous as yours, but quick and easy! I am growing some blueberry trees in my garden, they are going really well, so hopefully next year I won't have to pay the exorbitant prices!

  2. They all look amazing, and very tasty andteh football is fantastic :) Although I totally agree with you on the novelty cake anxiety and have decided not to bake them either when I one day have my little bakery.

    I also love cake wrecks, some of my faves are the underneath and written below text cakes, ooh and the turtle cupcakes! Have you ever seen Ace of cakes on the food channel? They are amazing at novelty cakes xo


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