Celebration Giveaway!

First of all, I just wanted to thank you all SO MUCH for the wonderful, sweet & uplifting comments you left following my last post. It really helped to get me through a hideous few days, and meant so much to me. This little community of ours is so special...the support and friendship is like a secret gift! How would I have known that you were all out there if it weren't for this blog? I am so glad to have made so many new friends.

The great news is that my beloved Dad was allowed home this morning!! He really needed to be back at the farm, in the sunshine, eating good food and surrounded by those who love him  - including Nurse Ivy, his gorgeous dog (or the Grey Shadow as she's sometimes known!) He did well in the hospital and his doctor was very confident that all will be well for the time being...he just needs to listen to his body (and us!) and take things a little easier...

So in celebration of that fantastic turn of events, and the new well of friendship that I've found these past months, I've decided on my very first giveaway...as a little thank-you, and to give some love back. I'm only sorry that I can't give a gift to all of you! Over on my Twitter page, we've recently been 'tweeting' about beautiful Emma Bridgewater pottery - especially her gorgeous mugs! There are lots of new ones, so I've decided that my first giveaway will be this beauteous thing:It's the new peony baby mug (perfect size for coffee, I think!) and I'll be sending it in a special gift box so that if you have one already, or don't want it, or would rather give it to someone else...it's all ready to go! Hopefully you'll want to keep it, though!!

I'll pick a name out of - fittingly - another (bigger) Bridgewater mug on Saturday 1st May (perfect date, I thought!)
All you need to do is leave me a comment on this post - that's it! I'll announce the winner on Sunday 2nd, and get the winner's address then. The ash-cloud has lifted, so airmail isn't a problem any more, YAY!

Good luck everyone....and THANK YOU all, truly, for your love and support. xox



  1. Oh, wow!! First of all, I'm happy that your dad is feeling better and home again. You must be so relieved!! I LOVE the mug and maybe I'll be lucky enough to win it!! Sending lots of love! Silke

  2. Glad to hear your Dad is home. Older people are happier when they are home. My mother was able to
    stay home as she aged and it was a real blessing.
    I love the mug and the artists work. I do not own a piece but would love to have one. Have a good week.

  3. Hello Rachel,
    What wonderful news about your Dad! There is no better environment for him, than to be at home with his loved ones. Continued best wishes for your Dad. It is so thoughtful of you to give away an EB mug. Rosinda xoxo

  4. I am glad to hear your Dad is back home and doing well. Sunshine, family and love will help him along! As will belly scratches...ah, for Nurse Ivy, not your Dad! Best! Colleen

  5. So glad to hear your dad is doing better and is coming home today!! And yes, family, sunshine and lots of love will be the best medicine won't it?? I will continue to hold him in my prayers. And that cup Oh my gosh it is beautiful...thank you for thinking of us in this special way. I would 'love' to be the lucky winner!!


    xoxo Gert

  6. Rachel dear,

    We have been on the road and I just found out about your Dad. I am so glad that things have taken a good turn.

    You know that we took Sue and Joe out last week for her extended birthday celebration. The night could've been improved with you two there.

    I leave for Boston tomorrow and then our beloved cottage in Maine.

    We are thinking of flying to London in September. Are you going to be here or there???

    Drop me a note and let me know. I would've written an e-mail, but couldn't find a way to connect to it here.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  7. What a sweetheart you are, after the Emma Bridgewater tweeting frenzy :), to think of an Emma Bridgewater giveaway. And what a generous heart you have to commemorate your dad's homecoming by giving a lovely gift to someone else.

  8. Dearest Rachel, I am so very pleased to hear that your father is home and recovering with his wonderful family and Ivy. I am so very fond of you and I cannot bear to think of you and your family in pain. I have been thinking of you all and hoping with all my heart that all would be more than ok. So I am very happy indeed.
    Gosh the peony mug is simply beautiful, I have been eyeing it up on the Emma Bridgewater site! I do not have any of the flowers collection so entering your amazing giveaway is rather thrilling and exciting! Perhaps I should get out more?!
    Love to you and your family sweetheart

  9. Hi Rachel! Yay, that's a beautiful mug!

    I'm so very happy to hear that your dad is doing well and back at the farm. It sounds like a lovely place to regain strength and relax. I wish all the best for him and for your dear family.

    Rachel, I've missed you! It's so nice to be back in blogland. I've felt so out of it, but at the same time, I just wasn't motivated enough to open my computer after work during these last few crazy weeks. It's not the same to be away though- I feel like I'm missing out on the lives of my dear friends. So, it's so good to be back here and see you:).
    Please give my best to your dad. I'm sure that he has the most amazing support system in you and the rest of your family.

    Happy spring!


  10. So very glad to hear about your Dad. I know that he is in good hands annd that he is enjoying being back in the place that he loves best with the people that he loves the best. Brilliant news. I hate to think of you so sad and wish I was there to give you a huge hug.
    Love always xxxxx

  11. Hello,

    I hope to win the mug, but am so happy to come to this site. It is just beautiful. Your post was great as well. Why of why can't we all just get along! Hopefully those doing these protests will gain insight. Love is the answer. Peace.


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