Pride...and Prejudice

Today is our little Alice's 2nd birthday - I can't believe that it's been that long already! China is staying with us for the weekend too - I realise how much I've missed the sweet girl! Last night she curled herself up into Alice's Cath Kidston bed (way too small!) and looked so cute. They have got used to each other again now and Alice really enjoys having a friend around after the initial harrumphing & jostling for power (all on Alice's side...China is so docile & accepting, jostling doesn't enter her head. But bossy little terriers are a different case entirely.....!)

Last weekend we headed down to the South Coast to take part in:

Umbrellas were NOT required as it was the most beautiful, hot & sunny day. There were 28 dogs altogether....mostly fox terriers, but a few Welsh, Irish & other terriers too. We met at Brighton Marina at 11am - it's a couple of miles from the centre of Brighton itself and just beautiful...

and feels very cosmopolitan with outdoor seating for numerous restaurants & a lovely boardwalk that leads to the undercliff path we walked:

many 'family photos' were taken (it was an amazing sight to see so many dogs of one - fairly unusual-breed all together, and to spot the differences & similarities!) and we stopped after a few miles to let the dogs off the leads for a good run on the seashore and refreshments for the humans!
It was a wonderful day and we were very proud of Alice who behaved almost impeccably! If you want to see more photos of the day (and the 'family' ones) go to the Fox Terrier Rescue website and click on 'events' at the top which will take you to the pictures. There is an adorable one about halfway down on the left with a furry face staring into the camera in the foreground - that's Alice! Unmistakeable when you know her!

This weekend, a much uglier side to human nature is sadly showing itself in our little market town. A hateful group known as the English Defence League or EDL has decided to descend on us to hold a demonstration. At the same time, another opposing group - Unite Against Fascism - are protesting. This is, in effect, closing down the town centre for most of Saturday and 'trapping' the residents in their homes. Most of the shops, pubs & cafe's are remaining closed all day (costing money as well as irritation) to avoid any conflict.The weekly market is cancelled. Our fountains and monuments have been boarded up. We are expecting 400 police in town (at an estimated cost of £300,000) and possibly 2000 protestors. Paul, in common with other business owners, is boarding up his plate glass office windows. It is as if we are under siege. No one I know supports either group - they are all extremists, out to cause misery & fear by spreading their hate-filled, racist messages. One of the reasons they have chosen us for their protests is because one of the London bombers of 2005 lived here. A fact that horrified most of us, but surely has nothing to do with where we live!

Our town is a generally tolerant one, where people of all races live together in relative harmony. This sort of out-dated ranting belongs to another age. One I had hoped was long gone. We cannot wait for it to be over and to get back to normal life.

I hope that your weekend is a peaceful and happy one, filled with sunshine!

I will be drawing the winner of the Emma Bridgewater mug tomorrow and will post the name on Sunday!! Good luck everyone! xox


  1. Oh no Rachel! I can't believe these type of "rallies" still go on today. In ignorance, these people are really promoting violence. Instead, they should be having a peace rally. Doing something positive, instead of focusing on the negative! What a shame. I hope your lives are not too affected by this unfortunate event. Hopefully,it will be over quickly and you can all go back to your normal lives. So sad. I hope you focus your weekend on all the happy and good things in YOUR life. Hope your Dad is continuing on the road to recovery. Rosinda xoxo

  2. Yes, I've noticed an increase in radical groups here in the states too. Each side very righteous and indignant, shutting reasonable people out. Soon they will evaporate away and you will have your town back. By the way,
    Alice is such a sweetie!

  3. What a contrast of weekends! I just know that the good energy from last weekend will outweigh the bad energy of this one. Hope they get bored with your lovely village and move on quickly.

  4. Sorry to hear about your weekend, those unpeaceful times are terrible. I will pray for you!
    xoxo Gert

  5. Happy Birthday to your lovely Alice!!

    I'm so sorry about the trouble going on in your town... hopefully it'll all blow over very soon ♥

  6. Happy Birthday Alice! Please may I give Alice and China a huge cuddle and lots of kisses and Poppy sends an inquisitive snuffle and tail wag too!
    Gosh I am so sorry to hear about the awful shenanigans of those ridiculous groups. I am in utter shock that they would choose to do demonstrate in your lovely town and in this day and age and it is baffling that they feel they have any relevance. I am amazed at how much it is going to cost the community too, so selfish of the groups to cause such upheaval.
    I hope it is over very quickly and you can enjoy your bank holiday weekend.
    Lots of love
    Morwenna and Poppy!

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  8. Happy Birthday Alice !!!!

    Looks like everyone had fun on the walk....little Teddy is right her on my shoulder..what a sweetie-pie..we are IN LOVE...

    he is THE BEST thing in our life !

    and we are sending love to china and you too !!!

    i've missed you...

    kary and teddy


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