Dark Days...

Since I was 9, the shadow of my father's heart problems has hung over our small family....as it did over his family in his own childhood when his own father suffered similarly. I can barely remember a time when we haven't all worried about him (which hasn't always pleased him, I can tell you!)

Thanks to the true wonders of modern medicine and the expert help of excellent medical staff, he's been able to live a full and happy life despite his various setbacks...and is already over 20 years older than his poor Dad ever was.

He's typical of most men - not great when he has a minor ailment, the term 'Man Flu' is hackneyed but justified I often find! However, he has borne the serious periods of ill health with a courage and stoicism that is inspiring.

Yesterday morning he was taken to hospital yet again...we found out just now that he has suffered another (comparitively minor) heart attack and related complications. So he must spend the first real days of this glorious Spring in hospital. He's doing well, and it looks as though he will be allowed home in the middle of next week.

Ours is a tiny unit....my mother is an only child, none of my grandparents are alive and we don't have much contact with the remainder of Dad's family. Really, there's my Mum, my 2 sisters and our husbands...and of course, 4 glorious grandchildren....but the oldest of those isn't quite 8. So we rely on each other a lot, especially at times like these. My parents have just celebrated their 48th anniversary, so my Mum is suffering especially now.

I don't really know why I'm writing this post - I just felt that I needed to. I hope you understand. I know that you will.

I suppose that I just wanted to tell my darling dad, who will never read this I'm sure, how very much he's loved, how proud of him we all are, and how we can't wait to have him safely home again. He is such a special person...the kind that lights up a room when he walks into it. He knows so much about birds, animals and plants and loves nature, the outdoors,chilis,sunshine, Mozart, and especially his dear & faithful dog Ivy.

I do tell him I love him whenever I see him. Make sure that you do the same with those you love, often - in fact, whenever you feel it. You can never say it enough, when it's true.

This is for you, Dad. xox


  1. I'm so glad he's coming home. There is your greatest spring gift. I don't have to tell you how lucky you are, because I can tell you already know that very well.

  2. Oh Rachel...you and your dad are in my thoughts..he sounds like a dear sweet man who is deeply loved...and loved by Ivy too....

    so glad to hear you will be welcoming him home soon...

    sending love to you my friend,

  3. Dearest Rachel,I was so sorry to hear that your father had been taken ill and so shocked to hear that he had suffered a heart attack. However you have a very strong father indeed, and I am sure these dark days will soon become light again.
    I understand how it feels to have a small family unit, but it has never been struck with ill health so I can only imagine what a difficult and scary time this must be.
    Your attitude is absolutely right and made me splash a tear onto the keyboard...you are a truly wonderful person and all of my love and thoughts are with you, your father and your family
    Love Morwenna

  4. Just a note to let you know you and your dad are in my thoughts and prayers. What a glorious spring to be able to bring him home!!


    xoxo Gert

  5. I'm glad your dad is okay. You seem to have a great and very united family.

  6. Dear Rachel, I am so glad your dad seems to be able to come home again soon! What a worry that must have been to all of you - and to have lived with this worry for so long! Even if your family is small, you are all so lucky to have each other!! Sending lots of love, Silke

  7. Such a terrible thing to happen-- so glad that he'll be able to come home, though.
    He'll be in my prayers ♥

  8. I have been amazed at how much of a person's heart can be revealed in 140 characters on Twitter. From your tweets, I've seen the strong love you have for your dad, and your blog confirms what a close and loving family you have. I'm sure your dad knows how blessed he is and that is a wondrous tonic in the difficult times.


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