A Capital Christmas - Part 3

So - Boxing Day. What a strange day it always seems. Most places still closed, people (mad in my opinion) queuing and rushing to the Sales...it can be a bit flat and sad. But we were determined to have fun and headed to Covent Garden (on foot) to have a beautiful brunch at Kopapa . There'll be a review on my food blog soon so I won't spoil that - but it was a wonderful treat!

We wandered home through the throngs in Covent Garden...avoiding as many shops as possible! I can't stand crowds and it makes me a little panicky sometimes to be in the middle of a lot of people...but the famous Piazza was fairly quiet. There was a special Christmas art installation called Merry Kissmas - you had to kiss under mistletoe and the electricity lit the huge tree up! But the queue was too long, sadly!

I hope you can see the beautiful topiary Rudolph - and note the well placed iconic red phone boxes too!!

Paul cooked me an amazing fresh tomato pasta dish with chilis & capers for supper and we just relaxed and watched old movies...perfect.

And yesterday we decided to go somewhere that I've never been...and I can't quite believe that I haven't! The British Museum holds so many amazing treasures from all over the world...

sarcophagi, mummies and other artefacts from Ancient Egypt...

sculptures and pottery from all periods of history (this is Charles 1, one of our doomed monarchs...!)

and (my favourite) exhibitions of various amazing items discovered by people with metal detectors, or just when ploughing fields...hoards of ancient coins, jewels,gold and silver like the beautiful ornate dish pictured above, which was found at Mildenhall in Suffolk. The museum is so vast, that it's impossible to see very much on one visit... we just headed for things we especially wanted to see this time.

I must admit that, while I've wanted to see the Egyptian mummies since I was a child when I actually did, I didn't enjoy it too much. I think this is because I was slightly uneasy that all these artefacts had, in effect, been stolen from the places that they belonged - even though that happened many, many years ago. It also felt wrong to be looking at the dead in that way...they'd been so beautifully & reverently preserved, wrapped, adorned, laid to what was assumed to be eternal rest...and here they were in glass cases being stared at (&usually photographed) by all who passed.That's why there are no pictures here. But maybe I'm being too sensitive! I adored the museum as a whole and will definitely be making more visits there...

And so, this morning, we packed up our Christmas and headed back. Alice was equally good on the train home...

But she was still happy to arrive at the other end...

and now we're settling back and getting ready for New Year and celebrating at the farm with my parents, little sister & youngest nephew.

So that was our Christmas 2010 - eventful, not at all what we expected and a little wistful. But there's serendipity in all situations, and we really enjoyed ourselves in beautiful London. And I can't wait for 2011 now, to see what that will bring.

Enjoy the rest of this strange 'limbo' week...between Christmas & New Year...looking back and looking forward too.

See you at the farm! xoxo


  1. You know I feel the same way when I looked upon the artifacts of King Tut, like I was viewing something very private and sacred.
    Glad you made the most of the holiday. Serendipity indeed.
    Alice is a doll, I just wanted to kiss and hug her everytime I see her little face.xxoo

  2. looks like you have a nice christmas...and look at that darling little alice on that train..what a sweetie pie...we have your christmas card up here in our kitchen...makes me think of you and alice...

    wishing you a Happy New Year, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  3. I've been following your Christmas posts and admiring the way you overcame your disappointment and saved Christmas. Even though it was an alternate plan, it sounds like a wonderful holiday and I enjoyed it vicariously through your writing. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  4. Dear Rachel, Alice and Paul,

    Wishing you a joyous new year. Loved the tour of the British Musuem, which we sadly didn't get a chance to visit. Too much! Too much! and I loved it all.

    Sending hugs to you and hellos and fare well in the New Year to your Mother and Father.

    Love, Love,


  5. Love the British Museum! We're in weather limbo too, rain rain wind and rain! Have a brilliant New Year at the farm and a happy and healthy 2011. Love love love

  6. Oh Rachel--What a marvelous time you must have had at the Museum. Thank you for the tour...and am so glad you didn't post any pictures of the dead...I'm like you just seems odd to look at and view such things.

    What a doll Alice was on the train. Amazing how she rides so well! Have fun on the farm and enjoy yourselves!

    Blessings... and Happy 2011!
    xoxo Gert

  7. So happy you made the best out of a difficult change of holiday plans. I loved the photos of the museum!! And sweet Alice is darling!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year's all together! Happy 2011!! With love, Sherry

  8. Happy New Year Rachel, Paul, and Alice! I've truly enjoyed the most recent blog entries, seeing what you've been doing over the holiday time & living vicariously through you across the pond! I feel the same way about the mummies- lots of history/learning; however, these are 'people' who did NOT think their afterlife would be quite like this! We just have to remember that these are shells and that their spirits and souls ARE in a more peaceful place!

  9. I try to spend the day inside on Boxing Day.


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