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No one who reads this blog on a regular - or even irregular - basis can be left in any doubt as to my feelings regarding my beloved sister-in-Australia, Esther.

I love her more than anything, miss her every hour that I'm not with her. She's my best girlfriend as well as being an amazing mother to her 3 beautiful children and a full-time ICU nurse. She holds everything together despite not being in the best of health and in pain most of the time, and her outlook on life is always optimistic and practical. She's not a saint (thank goodness....) Her Monica-from-Friends qualities are well known! But she's a person that so many love for her loyalty, strong principles and kindness.

As it's her birthday this weekend, I thought I'd celebrate the run up with two of her favourite subjects: movies and actors.
She writes a fabulous, funny movie review blog called Half Sweet, Half Salty which is testament to her absolute love of film. She goes to the cinema at least once a week, watching bad as well as good - it's her way to relax and unwind. It's a passion we share and one of our great joys is watching a movie together, because we usually feel the same way about them and love discussing the nuances of plot and performance. Occasionally we disagree - but never on the important ones. Sometimes, if I've seen a particularly powerful or emotional film (I generally go on my own) I really can't bear to talk about it for a while afterwards. I prefer just to digest it, to let it settle in my mind first. Esther is the only exception, because I know without a doubt that if I feel that way about it, she will too.

Another way in which we're similar is in shall I put it...admiration and, yes, lust for certain actors. Sometimes it's the man himself, sometimes it's just the role he's in. We each have a Top 5, and  Top 10.The Top 5 never differ,although the others in the 10 may come and go and I know better than to encroach on any of Esther's special loves!! But there are several that we share....quite happily and amicably! Just for her, I list some of them below...remember they're ours!!!

Harrison - most especially in 'Witness' and the first 'Raiders' movies. Serious, moody, capable...and when he finally smiles....!

Frank, oh Frank. The voice, the cheekbones, the eyes. The naughtiness - especially in 'Pal Joey'. You know he'd break your heart...but you'd have such fun before it happened!

Ralph Mighty Fienne-s! The back of his neck in The English Patient alone is enough to melt us. But there's usually something to swoon at in all of his appearances. The Constant Gardener, Maid in Manhattan....oh yes!

Mr Hanks. You just know he's a wonderful husband and kind, so sweet, so funny. Everyone marvels at Sleepless in Seattle. Yes it's good - but to our minds, You've Got Mail is supreme. His movies are always worth watching. A Jimmy Stewart for our times.

This one's really mine. But Esther loves him in The Fabulous Baker Boys, so we share that performance. Jeff Bridges, great actor and gorgeous man. And happily married for over 30 years - got to love that! A keeper.

Liam Neeson. Big, handsome bear of a man. You know you'd be safe and protected enfolded in those arms. The soft Irish accent helps too....

Ok, deep breath. This is the big one. He's really MINE. My No 1. I'm not being mean in saying this, because Esther has a No1 of her own (I won't reveal his name here...she wants to appear nonchalant when she finally meets him, as we're sure she will one day) and no one, but no one encroaches on him! However, as Esther introduced me to this actor (filmically speaking), I allow her to share him in this one, amazing performance.

James McAvoy. We share him when he's playing Robbie Turner. Because Atonement is in both of our Top 5 Movies of All Time. Because it's not fair to keep him all to myself. But in anything else, I'd fight her to the death for him...and I'd win!!

So that's a little look into our warped world of movie star obsessions. Sometimes it's hard to believe we're both in our 40's. There are many, many more I could add. One interesting thing is that all 'our men' share one thing in common - young, old or dead! Can you guess what it is?? There's a prize for the first to spot it. Leave your guess in the comment box, along with any film fancies of your own you'd like to share and I'll pick one on Saturday, Esther's birthday!

Have a wonderful week and keep warm if it's cold where you are....I'm looking out onto thick, hard, beautiful frost this morning.



  1. Yum! :)

    I think they all have dark hair and blue eyes. Is that it???

    My actor crush is Christian Bale. I could look at his face for hours and hours.

  2. Hhmmm. Interesting guess! Thank you, Dawn!Will be revealed on Saturday... Loved Christian Bale when he was a little boy in Empire of the Sun, also in Little Women. Good actor, but I'll let you have him!! xoxo

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  4. Dearest Rachel,
    May I first thank you for this rather delicious selection of eye candy on this cold frosty Tuesday!

    Well I thought I had it for a moment it might be their birthdays so I googled them and it was going quite well with July birthdays as Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Liam Neeson were all born in July, but as I searched for the others it seems that theory is totally wrong! Your beloved James was an April baby. Frank Sinatra, Ralph Fiennes and Jeff Bridges were all December babies. Jeff Bridges and I actually share the same birthday, so thank you for helping me to find that out!
    So my guess is that they have all been nominated for the same award or something along those lines!

    I agree with all of your crushes, especially Ralph Fiennes (except when he plays Lord Voldermort in Harry Potter!) I also rather like Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Robert Redford in his heyday! Oh and I like Dawn's Christian Bale too especially in the Batman movies!

    Wishing Esther a very happy Birthday on Saturday.
    Love Morwenna

  5. Dear Rachel,

    I would like to wish your sister Esther a happy birthday. I know how much you adore her. I am not a movie buff myself and don't have any celebrity/actor crushes. But I do enjoy hearing about yours! I've never watched Atonement, but since it is in your top 5 list of favourite movies of all time, I shall try to watch it. Due to my lack of knowledge regarding actors & movies, I am unable to partake in your little contest.
    It continues to snow steadily here in Barrie. We are expecting quite a dumping. Poor Nuno took 3 hours, instead of 1 to get to work yesterday. Hope he has a better drive today. Stay warm & cozy! xoxo

  6. The eyes. They all have gorgeous, make you swoon, piercing eyes.

    Happy Birthday to dear Esther!

  7. Thank you so much for this really beautiful blog. I will treasure it as one of my best birthday presents ever. I, of course know the answer, so won't be participating. One day maybe we will reveal the ones that we really fancy, but know we shouldn't! We have great fun with that one sometimes! (Stand up Philip Seymour Hoffmann!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Happy Birthday, Esther!!

    These gorgeous actors all have strong jaws (along with those killer eyes) and wonderful voices! You both have such great taste!
    Hugs, Sherry

  9. Happy Birthday, Esther!

    Nice choice in celeb-crushes! My mom's in love with Jeff Bridges! :P

  10. Can't argue with your top 5 list, they are all dreamy. Think all of them have blue eyes. Love Ester's blog. Think she is amazing to work, take care of children and home and still find time to blog.
    Happy Birthday to Ester!

  11. I have been thinking about his all day. I think I could take you in a fight over James. I'm pretty confident about that one! such a divine man. As they all are. The little things make life worth living.

  12. Happy Birthday to Esther on Saturday- my middle daughter's birthday is Friday but we'll celebrate in Denver w/ a sushi dinner- you all know your movies! How delightful your choices and especially the reasoning behind each- the long marriage of Mr. Bridges- that's a solid '10' for me!
    loved this!!

  13. Dearest Rachel,
    I have been obsessing over this ever since I read your post, you have me hook, line and sinker! Maybe it is something to do with leading ladies or six degrees of separation?! Ooh I shall not be able to stop thinking about this until the big reveal!
    Love Morwenna
    PS. Rosinda you MUST watch Atonement right this minute xoxo

  14. What a nice post about your sister. And I agree with your selections. Oh I love that scene in Witness when they are dancing in the garage. Fabulous!

  15. hello my friend...coming by to say HI. teddy and i were looking at your card in our kitchen and thinking about you and alice...

    cute post.... yum is right :-)

    sending love to you and alice today...

    kary and teddy


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