Charlie & new beginnings ...

I'm sorry that I haven't posted for a few days..we are computerless right now & so i'm using my phone to update this! It's an amazing gadget but takes so long to type with the itty bitty key board! Still, here I am..and here at last is our  Charlie!
.It's been a rough ride at times..Alice has been an only dog for 3 years & is struggling terribly with jealousy
..Charlie is 5 years old & isn't about to take her snarling lying down! There have been moments this week whem i'd have happily sold the house to have Cesar Millan drop round to help!! But it's very slowly getting better.


  1. I'm sending some good thoughts and energy to Alice & Charlie and hope it helps and that soon they become good friends. They look so darling together. If only there was a game to play that two dogs would enjoy better with each other than alone. Well I hope they start liking each other soon. Glad Charlie is standing up for himself so Alice can at least respect him.

  2. They look pretty cute together, but I can imagine like two toddlers fighting over a mummy. Take Care, Helen x

  3. Alice and Charlie make an adorable couple. Good job posting from your phone!

  4. Aww, Charlie is so adorable! :) I have a feeling he and Alice will be pals in no time! ♥

  5. Aaah yes, wouldn't we all like to have Cesar on speed dial once in a while?
    You are doing so well and I just know that this is going to work out eventually.

    xo Dawn

  6. Hi sweetie,

    I have missed your blog posts. I am sure things will get better with time. Know it must be hard the first few days, but I think they will adjust. Alice and Charlie are the most adorable little things!! In the meantime, take care of yourself. Miss you! xxoo

  7. It will get better. We've been through this with our schnauzers. Tell Alice that is why you have 2 arms and hands, to pet both!

  8. Positive calm energy! It will all be ok and in a few months time this will be history. Are you sure they're dogs and not Muppets? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. oh charlie is adorable.... and alice looks so sweet...they look so cute together...and YES !!! i bet before you know it they will be BEST FRIENDS !!!!

    sending love,
    kary and teddy


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