Sweet Violets...

As promised...those gorgeous wild violets. I love them so much - stunning colour and a wonderful smell too, so delicate...
Patches of them were literally everywhere I looked..

I hope you can see some of them here...glowing in the scrubby grass of the hillside. Such an unexpected surprise. Beauty is everywhere if you look!

Happy Tuesday xoxo


  1. indeed it is. love violets, they have a special place in my heart :o)
    thanks for sharing such beautiful photos x

  2. the table is set...the water bowls are filled...and we have plenty....all we need is you charlie and alice


    LOVE the violets...so sweet...have them here in big pots by my kitchen door

    sending warm love,
    kary and teddy

  3. This dear post tugs at my heart, Rachel! I always loved violets and when I was a little girl I would pick them for my mother, tenderly carrying them to her. She would make such a fuss and put them into a little silver and glass vase my grandmother had had. The little vase is now in my livingroom, Mom is with the angels, and so today, I will go out and pick a little bouquet for sweet remembrance : ) Love and hugs, Sherry xxx

  4. One of my favorite flowers... so beautiful! ♥

  5. Ahhhh how beautiful. Don't know if I've ever seen violets growing before. It's very magical there where you live!

  6. Don't you love Mother Nature's little gifts!

  7. Oh I just love them...ours are not out yet..but soon they will be. They always remind me of times many years ago (maybe 60). I found an old vase at my parents home after Mom passed away years ago..the minute I saw it..memories of violets came flooding into my mind. When I was little I would go out and pick them and fill that little vase with them for my Mother...smile...

    xoxo Gert

  8. How absolutely stunning Ray, really lovely, I would love to go out on a walk with you and the dogs and find some lovely wild flowers. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Hi dear Rachel,

    Wish you and Paul could be here tonight for our celebration of Sue's birthday and our other friend Sue's birthday too. Joe and Sue, Ellis and Susie, Bruce, Jeff and me. Just a small party, but perfect. We will probably move outdoors and eat at the big farmtable. It is a beautiful, warm day and outside is where we should eat.

    I just returned from Kentucky and pictured a lovely platter of asparagus sprinkled with those first spring violets. It was great.

    Thinking of you. We will take some photos tonight and I'll send them along.




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