This will be my last 'dog' post for a while...I promise! But I wanted to show you these pictures. Above you can see that Charlie is relaxing into his new home fairly well! He looks like a woolly lamb here I think! Such a handsome boy!

As you know, it hasn't been easy introducing a 'brother' to Alice. She's still very possessive - not over possessions or food, thank goodness. But over us, and our attention (which she has had more or less exclusively ever since she was 8 weeks old! Not surprising then...) We are combatting this by bombarding her with love...showing her that life isn't worse with Charlie in it! That it may even be better! She's taking some convincing, but we are, 3 weeks on, making progress. For example, I can now prepare their food and feed them in the same room (separate areas...but I think that's sensible for most dogs anyway, just in case!) This is a big step, because previously Alice would 'warn' Charlie off & give lots of 'alarm barks' when I was getting it ready. This meant feeding Charlie outside, which wasn't ideal. But fingers crossed, it's ok now.

And then, this morning, I came into the sitting room to find this scene....
and had to share it with you! Ok, they are at different ends...but they are sharing the same sofa!! Alice is the little doughnut shaped curl at the top of the picture.

It's going to take more, much more, time and patience. But I know we'll get there eventually and there'll come a time when she can't remember a time without him!

Happy Thursday, I hope you're having a lovely day xoxo


  1. Rachel,
    I loved seeing the heart-warming photo of Alice & Charlie sharing the sofa!! I'm glad things are getting better, slowly, but surely. Thanks for sharing this special moment of your day with us. Happy Thursday sweetie! xoxo

  2. It takes time to make a dear friend, I see they are well on their way!

  3. Oh this is such a sweet picture!

  4. OK, that is quite precious!!! I hope my post doesn't come out ANONYMOUS as my one did on your baking blog---I tell you, I don't know what happens sometimes!! Please don't stop posting the pups---they are a joy to behold and it lit up my day; really, it did!!
    Love you all!!

  5. KNOW i have a BIG SMILE on my face..... they are so Alice curled like a little cute...please keep sharing them with us....

    there is NOTHING BETTER in this world than our DOGS !!! just can't imagine a life without dogs!!!!

    i had so much FUN today planting in the garden with little Teddy...HE had so much FUN playing in the hose water ( 90 degrees here today) we planted impatiens, sweet peas and corn ...

    sending warm SPRINGTIME sunshine love to you, my friend

    and love to alice and charlie

    kary and teddy

  6. Your dedication and perseverance will pay off in dividends in the end. They are very lucky dogs xxxx

  7. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see the pups sharing couch space and snoring peacefully together. I do sort of picture you and Paul lying on the floor by the fire since the sofa is otherwise occupied, but it's probably worth it. I was wondering how things were going and so glad it feels hopeful. Tell Alice I said good job!


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