After the August garden

We have had so much rain lately...much needed...and the plants, bees, birds and trees have been so happy! There's definitely the first touch of Autumn in the air now. My family subscribes to the old farming seasons rather than the modern ones...this means that August, September & October are Autumn, November, December & January are Winter and so on. It definitely makes sense to me. By this time of year, everything is calming down...the big push of growth & production is over and we settle into the time of ripening and harvest. I love the garden right now.....
Sweetcorn is almost ready..

the scarlet runner beans and thyme are running riot in the vegetable plot...

blueberries are still there to be picked by the handful & stirred into my morning yoghurt...and after a rain shower everything is especially glorious I think...

the hydrangea is so vivid...
and new to the garden this year is the echinacea which the bees adore..

they are still so busy and producing much honey...I can't wait until we harvest it!

I took these two pictures at's such a wonderful time of the evening I think...can you just see Alice watching me from the deck?
She was rather hot and bothered last week in all the made her very lethargic

so I took her to see Tanya, her lovely groomer...and here she is now, a little shorn but so much happier!

We've just returned from a delivery...and a walk  was fitted in too. It's overcast today, but warm and a little humid. I'm just finishing some baking for tomorrow morning's orders before I hop on a train to London to meet some friends for dinner. You will have heard, no doubt, about the awful riots & looting that took place in parts of the capital (and other cities) earlier this week. It was a terrible that made me ashamed, angry and so sad. But happily things seem to have returned to normal, more or less. Let's hope it was a moment of madness that won't be repeated. 'Our' part of London, thankfully,wasn't affected...and I'm looking forward to a fabulous evening.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with good things.


  1. Oh, Rachel, I was so happy to hear that your corner of London was not touched by the violence! I so hope it is all over. Awful stuff...On another note, your garden looks heavenly and those hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous! You work so hard, go have a relaxing weekend and give sweet Alice a good loving from me. Hugs, Sherry xxx (Off to hug my trees in the mtns! Ha!)

  2. Your garden is positively overflowing! The corn and beans....what a tasty harvest that will be! And I love echinacea flowers. They attract so many bees and butterflies. Look pretty and folky in the vase, too. :)
    Enjoy your Friday night dinner, I'm sure there will be so many things to talk about. Glad your area remains safe and untouched by violence.
    Sending lots of love!!

  3. Rachel I have been wondering about you and other London friends in this abberation of violence there. I'm so relieved to hear its calmer.
    Not a breath of unrest in your your beautiful world, except for that wonderful nature's riot of blues and greens.

  4. Blueberries, ready to pick. Just what i needed this morning! (had to make do with frozen ones. That's what happens when potty people like me decide on blueberry muffins at 6am x Ready in time to take to work so all gone now

  5. The garden looks beautiful. How I love to live vicariously through you and see the seasons changing. I love the sweetcorn, they are really cute and look like 'Sideshow Bob'! Thanks for bringing England to the Southern Hemisphere (the nice bits of course!) xxxxxx

  6. Hello Rachel,

    Your garden is looking beautiful. I loved seeing your sweet peas and the gorgeous hydrangea (one of my favorite flowers)! I am so glad that the riots are over and that things are slowly returning to normal again. Alice looks darling, as usual. I love the picture of her on the deck at twilight, with church tower in the background! Happy weekend sweetie!

    Rosinda xoxo

  7. Oh Racheal I'm so sorry I didn't leave a message earlier.. I read this wonderful blog on my iPod and it's not easy to type on on the computer and this is the first time I've been on lately!

    Love your garden it is soooo beautiful!!! And I love Alice's new hair cut...she looks so pretty!

    Hope you had a fun and safe weekend in London!

    xoxo Gert

  8. Just catching up with reading your blogs and my what a lovely view of your garden. Your hydrangea is absolutely gorgeous. Never seen one that blue in color. Wish mine looked that good. Know what you mean about the cone flowers attacking butterflies and bees. I planted some last year and they are wonderful.
    Very happy to hear that things have returned to normal. Let hope it stays that way.
    Of course my favorite picture is of Alice. What a sweetie. xoxo

  9. I am trying desperately to multi-task; a bit of un-boxing and a bit of fun for me catching up on my favorite blogs. There are so many I love but yours are among my most favorite of all. The garden is so lush---it is awe-inspiring!!!! I have loved sharing the garden and its growing and changing along with you this Spring through Summer....soon I will take pictures of what I have done in the 'new' yard. It is temporary, of course, and not mine, but I still had to do some work; I have to look back there and I wanted something pretty to look at, other than the high weeds that were everywhere. Just pulling them all out took almost a week. I bagged almost 5 HUGE garden/yard trash bags and hauled away all the 'yuck' of it. The owners of the house gave me full permission to garden and do whatever I wanted, including staining the deck....anything is an improvement, so I'm sure it will increase the value of their home and its rental quality. But, I did it for me.....and now I will live vicariously in your garden.....Thank you for sharing it with me.
    XOXO Joann


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