A gorgeous mornings walk...

Two little videos in this short but beautiful post. I took them on Tuesday, which was a sultry, hot day....Alice has been clipped since then, so this is the last record of her as a woolly little lamb! We walk this woodland path on our way to the monument on top of the hill...
and this is the view when we get there...although it doesn't always look like this! You are supposed to be able to see across 7 counties from this spot...I wouldn't be at all surprised!

I love it in every season and all weathers. You can probably understand why.

Yesterday was even hotter...and today is very warm but rainy, which is wonderful for the flowers and plants - I can almost see them reaching up to embrace the droplets. The bees, too, are very busy. Paul has had to add another 'super' (the name for the box-like structure which holds the frames the honey is made on) as they are producing so much!

This is summer's swansong...and that makes the days even more precious. Enjoy! xo


  1. Oh Rachel, the view IS gorgeous! How blessed you are to live so near to such natural beauty! Is this a walk from your home or from the hired kitchen?
    I love it when you post these little videos. It makes me happy just to hear your voice! I can't wait till I hear it in person ;)
    Alice is such a sweetheart. Good Girl, she is! Enjoy the warm, rainy day sweetie! Love and hugs from across the pond! xoxo

  2. I love all of your posts; however, I must admit that I am quite smitten with the little videos; I love to hear your voice and travel with you on your walks....what a gorgeous path to journey upon and little Alice leading the way....'Come on Mum....it's time for our walk!' How precious!!!!!

    I will be saying this all day, each time I fill another box...."Good Girl!"

  3. Ohhh wasn't that just wonderful. It's as tho you can see not just some counties but all of the world from that vista. You can see from that video why people go on great explorations because there's so much out there to see. Alice is so darling all fuzzy like that and there's so much bounce in her personality--just like you! Now make one with her new coif so we can see the diff.

  4. Rachel, I just love the videos and how charming to see the walk with Alice. She is such a sweet puppy...she stays with you and doesn't run off!! So lovely to hear you narating the scene, too!! What a beautiful area in which to live...ahhhh.... I am so sorry my schedule has not allowed me much twitter time this summer :( I have missed you!! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  5. Just gorgeous! I can't see the videos as I'm at work (do they expect me to do something other than keep in touch with my sister?!!) The sky is as blue as it is here. Not long... xxxxxxxx

  6. good morning rachel and alice..i am really enjoying your videos...i love seeing where you live...so beautiful....and fun to hear your voice and see your sweet alice...she is just adorable.....

    i didn't know shelia lukins died ? what happened ? i just loved her and her cookbooks so much !!!!

    happy to stop by today for a visit with you, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  7. I haven't commented on this blog enough recently. I love walks in the woods. This one seems to have been idyllic. I do have to say I prefer most walks in the wood on a crisp autumn day, but any walk is pleasurable enough.

  8. My dear Rachel,

    Jeff and I have been worried about you and Paul during this time of chaos in London. I do hope your apartment and neighborhood are doing well. The riots are so sad and needless.

    Glad Paul is getting another super. He is successful as a beekeeper.

    Trying to get together with S and J, but she seems to be going one way while I go another. We want them to come here and explore new territory, but S. invited us to visit after October 14th. I don't know if we can.

    Loved, loved hearing your sweet voice and watching your Alice...loved it that she sat down as requested. What a girl.

    Sending love across the water,


  9. Hi,
    Saw your posting on Julie Whitmore and decided to say hello. Loved your little movie with your cute friend who is very obedient and sweet it seems :) Enjoyed my visit today on your blog and will be back to say hello again. Have a wonderful day there and enjoy the great view! xoxo Kim


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