The edge of the world...

Just a quick post busy with work, but I wanted to show you this little video I took with Alice earlier. I hope you enjoy it (for some reason, I sound like the Queen...:-) I don't THINK I do normally....?

Happy Wednesday xoxo


  1. Well your royal highness, the queen only wishes she sounded as beautiful as you do! That would be her lucky day. It's so amazing to me that there are so many expanses of what appears to be untouched nature all around you. Maybe I've lived in cities way too long but I see the world as mostly built and paved and you show it as it was before all that. It's wonderful. And once again, it's so BLUE. Even the air seems blue. Wish I could be there in person so see if the air looked blue to me. Love the video--so magical.

  2. Gorgeous post Rachel! Love the video, your voice, Alice & the divine English countryside.
    Only two weeks & Rosinda and I get to hear your voice in person, soo exciting!
    Love Morwenna

  3. It's good to have a short post: I have time to read it on a week night. Such a lovely sight.

  4. How lovely it all is!! Yes, surely the edge of the world to little ones!! Love the country side, your sweet voice, and of course dear Alice! Keep enjoying those wonderful walks!! Bet it is a great break in the day for you and Alice, too!! Sending love from too far away!...
    Sherry xxx

  5. Rachel, I can see why you love it up there! It is absolutely GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing "the edge of the world" with us. How lucky you are to live surrounded by such beautiful scenery! I agree with Morwenna, in just two more weeks, we will be able to hear that sweet voice in person! I've always loved the English accent! Ahh, I can feel the butterflies fluttering in my stomach already! xxoo

  6. Please do more videos with your voice---it brings me closer to your world and I get a small sense of a stronger connection; I LOVE a British accent. I 'do' one all the time but I shant do it in your presence---it's surely awful and a total disgrace to the lovely sound of proper English----but as an English teacher, I oftentimes read to the students with an accent, if the story needed some excitement to keep them awake....I do my mom's German accent, too. The walk is exhilarating--I hear your breath as you walk and get a sense of the climb---Alice seems to know her way and leads you to the edge of the world.....breathtaking----thank you once again for sharing it with all of us. I know how busy you are and still you take the time to share your world....
    xo Joann

  7. Dear QUEEN,

    Thank you for your words about Irene (what havoc she wrought in beautiful neighboring Vermont) was some experience.

    LOVED the walk with you and Alice and Whiteleaf is glorious. It made me happy to hear your voice Ray!

    Love, love,


  8. love your voice, love the view.

    Reminds me of the scene in 'A woman of Substance' where Emma goes to her 'top of the world' place in Yorkshire (with Master Edwin if I remember correctly).

    Won't be long before the leaves are falling and the end of the world will be bathed in green, gold and orange. :O)

  9. It's beautiful, Rachel -- the view AND your voice! xoxo

  10. I can't hear you or see you on the video here. It was a lovely picture though. You look a bit like the Queen though. xxxxxxx


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