220 years...

Always a melancholy day for me....my beloved Wolfie died in the early hours of 5th December, when the night is at it's darkest....aged only 35 and far, far too young to leave the world. As I grow older, he grows ever younger and the reality of what we lost becomes harder to bear.
This is my very favourite version of the 'Laudate Dominum'  from his Vesperae Solennes di Confessore, sung here by the amazing Dame Kiri. Try listening to it in a very quiet room, with your eyes closed. To me, it is the very essence of spirituality, calm and beauty. It's just one of the reasons (there are over 600 others) that I love him so very much and it's my gift to you today....

"When the angels sing for God, they sing Bach. But when they sing for themselves, they sing Mozart....and God eavesdrops"


  1. Dearest Rachel,

    I don't listen to Mozart or any type of classical music, really. I am listening to the link you posted. I can appreciate the beauty of it, but it makes me feel sad. I usually find that classical music does that to me. Maybe, because I was never exposed to it at a young age? I'm not sure. Anyways, I am glad that Mozart brings you so much joy. I know how much you love his music. Wishing you a happy Monday and a wonderful week, sweetie!

    Love and hugs,
    Rosinda xoxo

  2. a lovely post sweet Rachel.

    Just looking at your previous post, I love the garden at this time of year. Even though most things have died down and are crumpling in the frost, I still think it looks pretty.


  3. Rachel,

    I did get to see the statue of Mozart recently on a blogging friends site, who was vacationing in Salzburg. Sometimes when I'm working I put on the flute concertos, but they are so gorgeous I find myself looking out the window and dreaming instead of working.....
    I can't wait to listen to the recording, and will wait for an empty house , so I can listen and fill up my heart

  4. I cannot say happy anniversary to this one. But I will listen to Mozart tonight. Fitting that he died in December, so near Christmas. He became as a composer a Christ-like figure (it is obvious in Shaffer's play).

  5. When I was very young I watched Amadeus with my father, who is a composer. Mozart's story touched me, as well as his music. I listened to the soundtrack often and find it to be a great representation of his work.

    What a genius he was!

    I am so glad his music and legacy is still appreciated.

    Lots of love,


  6. Consider yourself hugged. Listening. Soft rain outside. Peace.

  7. Dear Rachel,
    This IS a gift, and I thank you for it!
    This song reminded me so much of the song in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption". I just looked it up and YES, that song is also by Mozart and is "Canzonetta Sull ania" from Marriage of Figaro. If you have never seen that movie, you need to watch it, just for the joy of hearing that song...it is very important to the point of the whole movie.

  8. Ahh so sorry you're in mourning today. Music clip is lovely, very soothing and pretty. Imagine if Mozart were like Orson Wells--doing all his best work in youth and then just becoming a caricature of himself (and very obese) in later years. Not sure is that comforting or more depressing. I just wonder if you met him would you have liked him or thought hmm love the music but what an ass. There are always twists to life and sometimes crushes are best left in the imagination. ♥

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments...Kay, I have watched Shawshank many times and was so moved that Mozart was used in that way. It's known as the Letter Aria, sung by Susannah & the Countess...such a favourite of mine that Paul & I had it playing at our wedding! Nancy...I would have loved him. Some things you just know x

  10. HEAVEN. Thank you so much Rachel, that was just beautiful.... tears. xoxo

  11. I've just read your Dec. 5th post, and have listened to the amazing voice of Kiri Te Kanawa. The whole experience is a pray and brought tears to my eyes. I need to listen more often your dear Wolfie.
    Thanks you so much.
    xxxJudy in So Cal.

  12. One of my all time favourite pieces of music. Guaranteed to make me cry, no words for Wolfie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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