Caught out by the Season - My Garden in November...

It's December! Already....! How is that possible? And I realised yesterday that I hadn't yet posted my November garden photographs. So here they are - they were taken on November 30th, so they technically qualify (I hope!)
Everything is really settling down for Winter now (although it's still unseasonably warm. This time last year we'd already had lots of snow!)
This is my hosta dormitory! I tidy the pots and then cosy them up underneath the 'bird tree' where they are sheltered from the worst of the frost...
And talking of birds - they are eating so much at the moment. I'm filling up the feeders daily...

I love to watch the different finches, the bluetits & robins. Last week we were on Martha's Vineyard...hungry birds there too! And wonderful to see cardinals (which don't exist here....) the beautiful crimson boys and the fawn girls-less showy but still sporting a gorgeously coloured crest. I miss them!
I must get out there and tidy up the day lily bed!
The winter jasmine is beginning to bloom along the old garden wall...and can you just see the black ivy berries?

There are still remnants of roses...I'll wait until January to prune them properly, but I've cut the bushes down a little in the meantime to avoid 'wind rock' which can destabilise them...

The bees are hibernating too...although on warmer days they are still very active. We are feeding them with heavy sugar syrup to help them make it through the months to come. As I was trimming the roses, I put my ear to the hive - I could hear the sweet, low hum of thousands of bees drowsing inside...

The strawberry plants look quite lovely still....yellow & green and blushed with pink...

I've recently planted about 70 bulbs for Spring - miniature daffodils and crocuses. I love to think of them all snuggled down below this rich, dark earth. A warming reminder that the New Year will bring colour and beauty with it...

but brighten things up until then, there are miniature hardy cyclamen here too...

It all looks a bit shabby around the edges - but still plenty of interest there I think. The olive tree is full of new leaves...and the herbs are still going strong. The frosts will take their toll, but I know the garden will survive and recover it's beauty soon.

Happy December - it's going to be a fabulous month! xo


  1. I'm devastated to learn you don't have cardinals! They are very cheery on a gloomy day. I'm completely spoiled by birds here, mostly because they know I'm a sucker who will do all she can to serve up a culinary wonderland for their greedy little tummies! Visits are wonderful, but so hard to recover from. It takes awhile for everything to settle down in your heart, and for things to get back to normal. Happy December, magical girl! xo

  2. It's lovely....all of it; I miss my garden so!!! So it's wonderful to have yours to vicariously wander through. I'll tidy up the corners with you---it's just perfect for this time of year....all of it getting snuggled in for the wintertime.
    We don't have cardinals in Colorado either, so I agree with you---I miss them dearly. It's wonderful to see Susan's or Gert's or Sandy's....I'm so thrilled they take photos of them and share with those of us who don't have the privilege of their beauty nearby. We have 6 inches of snow on the ground today---and it's quite cold. We got some of the winds which harshly blew through California, but with it, the cold and happy I put out our outdoor fairy lights they'll glisten in the snow tonight.

    I hope you're rested after your long and glorious good to once again be home.


  3. Great pics as usual. I usually don't like November, but I made peace with the month this year and learned to appreciate it. It is a beautiful month if you can accept how bare it is.

  4. LOVE all the birds, both in England and in America! The cardinals are indeed a joy and are always the very last ones to come to the feeder, I also love the female too. Did you know that in the Spring, the male will FEED the female? It is such a joy to see!
    I love the little bluetit in England and the English robin, all fluffed up against the cold! Love all the birds!

  5. I love that JoEllen (alicesroses) called you magical girl -- see? It translates right through the computer! xoxo

  6. I never feel the seasons as vividly as when I'm reading about your garden. It seems like it was winter only moments ago and now it's here again. It looks nicely crusty, not dead, sort of like me. There's a song called A Sleeping Bee--never really thought of bees hibernating. Hard for me to understand how those sugar syrups are so good for bees and hummingbirds and so bad for us. I can't imagine what they'd need instead so I guess I missed my calling as bee or bird, one who sups on sugar. Soon it will be snowy and moments later all green and in bloom again--like you.

  7. Rachel,
    It was lovely peeking at your November garden. Looks like everything is geting ready for a good, long sleep. I love cardinals. I don't get many in our backyard because our neighbourhood doesn't have enough mature,tall trees, but I have seen them before. They are definitely one of my favourite birds. I think the fact that I don't get to see one often, makes them even more appealing. I loved seeing photos of the bird feeders. I put out food, but don't get very many birds in winter. It's just too cold. About your bees...I was wondering if you got any honey from them? Not sure how it all works, but I find it very interesting! Happy December, darling! xoxo

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone! About the bees...there is lots of honey but as we are novices & not too experienced we decided (after some advice) to leave it all for them this year.We don't know how hard the winter will be. But hopefully next year we'll collect it for ourselves! x

  9. Hello Sweetheart!

    I left a comment on here when you first posted, but I guess it didn't work. Internet is silly that way sometimes!

    Just wanted to say hello, that I am thinking of you this holiday season, baking up a storm. And that I've enjoyed seeing photos of your garden throughout the year. I am looking forward to hearing more about your bees in 2012!

    Thanks so much for another year of friendship.

    Raffi is in bed sleeping, with the dinosaur PJs that you gave him. :)

    xoxo Dawn

  10. Hello you:),

    I've missed seeing you! Thanks for stopping by. My, your garden looks absolutely lovely, even way past garden season:). It's very inspiring, really. Just beautiful; thank you so much for sharing:). I hope you all have a cozy winter in your lovely home. I look forward to following your foodie blog for some good winter baking ideas:).

    xox, Blair

  11. Hi dear Rachel, It was great hearing your sweet voice on Thanksgiving Day. Wish we had been flies on the wall, but we had a wonderful TDAY with out Santa Barbara friends who also live in Maine during the summer.

    Love garden pics and will post some of mine next week. I have been remiss of late.

    Love your words about the bees too.

    Miss you,


  12. I'm not very versed in classical music but I so enjoy it. Definitely a moving and beautiful piece of music.
    Rich and I used to attend Mass (Rich was raised Catholic) and I know I have heard it played there as a benediction. Thank you for reminding me of one more thing to be thankful for Rachel!
    p.s. my son Tom did a great report in Junior High on the life of Mozart.


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