O Christmas Tree....& other stories

This is a Christmas Bilby! One of the many tree decorations that I've been sent over the years from Australia. I always admire those trees that are decorated elegantly & stylishly...little white lights, bows, co-ordinating baubles...but I could never, ever have one myself! I love the chaos and colour of an 'everything but the kitchen sink tree'!
A tropical fish, chosen by my nephew Alfie hangs alongside...
the bright little New England cardinal from dear friend Susan!
Christmas trees seem to be a little like sunsets - photographs never quite do justice to their beauty! But I'll try...

I picked both of these up on trips to Salzburg...the little wax St Nicholas was found over 22 years ago, on my first journey there...

I have to mix coloured lights in with the white...and tiny mirrors & crystals help to spread the beauty around...

Alice always seems to make an appearance (courtesy of Cath Kidston!)

So there's our little, messy, happy tree! I'm also thrilled that I managed to make my own door wreath this year...

I dried my own orange slices - there are cranberries there too, and ivy from our garden...

and another present from Sue & Joe, a mobile from the Boston Art Museum, hangs over the stairwell. I'll light candles and add some holly & flowers around the house towards the end of the week. But it's a start!

A few days ago, I went with a friend to help to choose her wedding dress. Of course, it's all a big surprise so I can't post any details. But it was the first time I've ever been in a real wedding dress shop! Both my own dresses were bought 'off the peg', so I never had a reason to. I must admit, that there's something magical about these places! I defy any woman not to feel a little bit fairytale when surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous princess dresses in tulle, satin & net. I was desperate to try one on...it reminded me of the episode of 'Friends' when the three girls sit around their apartment dressed as brides because it makes them feel so beautiful! I didn't actually try one on...but I was a little bit starry eyed all the same!

I hope your run up to Christmas is going well...I am quite snowed under. Looking forward to the calm and peace of Christmas Eve, when the madness will end and the magic can begin! Only 5 more sleeps....! xoxo


  1. I love your tree! It's a jolly little fellow. I wouldn't call it messy, it's just as a tree should be.

    I'm too stern with my decorations really. I should lighten up (ha!) and let in a bit of colour, but I just find it hard. Luckily both husband and girl are very understanding and let me get on with it!

    Love that your baubles are so special and have precious meaning or stories behind them. That fish is fantastic! And adore the little doggy one.

    Fabulous wreath. The addition of cranberries is utterly inspired, and perfect for someone who does as much cooking as you!

    Yes, it's so close now isn't it?! My only sorrow is the lack of snow this year. Still, there is still time ... isn't there?!


  2. Dear Rachel,

    I love your little, "messy", happy tree. I don't think it's messy at all. It looks perfect! It is trimmed with so much love from all over the globe! I love the little Alice ornament.
    Your homemade wreath is beautiful! What a great job! And you say you're not crafty. I beg to differ! Glad you had fun "wedding dress shopping"! Lovely post...thanks for sharing!

    Rosinda xoxo

  3. I think it's a lovely tree-I've often wondered about so called theme trees that people change around every year. Most,really all,of my tree ornaments have a special meaning and I can't image not enjoying them every year. All those memories...
    Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Lovely tree. The family one at home in Chicoutimi is like that, with decorations from all around the world. And I love the Nils Holgersson decoration!

  5. How fun to see your tree and all the beautiful decorations. It's not messy--it's the living reminder of the last decades of your life--the best kind of tree there is. No decorator could create one like that. My fave ornament of course is Alice--SO cute. Love your wreath too--what a great idea.

    All the years dtr was with her hub, they had an ornament each year with the year on it, each one different. That was a nice tradition, no clue what she did with them all now that she's ended the marriage.
    Guess we better be careful what traditions we start or they could come back and bite us.

    I love that Friends episode with the wedding gowns. When the suitor comes to the door after Rachel's crazy proposal and then she's in the wedding gown and loses him forever--so hilarious. You should have tried on the gown--you'd have looked fantastic. I got married in pants--well it was very pretty pants and top in white but never liked all the meringue and folderol of weddings til we had my dtr's. Now I'd like to marry on a boat and soon as I can get a guy to walk the plank in the opposite direction (after acquiring a musket) marry I will. Don't hold your breath.

  6. Christmas decorations and wedding gowns...goodness, you sure know what I like to look at! ;-)
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

  7. Your Christmas tree decorations look beautiful! I'm a sucker for bridal shops too! As for my Christmas . . . I feel a tad crazed! LOL!!!

  8. Oh my, those wedding dresses. I think you should try them all on! Take pictures, put on your red lipstick first, you will be a beautiful bride!!! You already are, btw! Merry Christmas to the darling Lucas family! Love your tree . . . so fun to see it! Miss you!!

  9. Your little tree is perfect! A collection of wonderful memeories of Christmas past. I especially love the wreath you made!
    Merry Christmas to you!

  10. I love the tree! Christmas trees are like Dr Who's tardis. Doesn't matter how mnny ornaments you acquire, there is always room for more! I will try some dresses on with you next time I'm over. I've never been in a wedding dress store, who knows I may just make a success of number 2 wedding! Love xxxxxxxxxx

  11. Jayne (@jaynerly)21 December 2011 at 21:15

    What a joyful (not messy!) tree! I collect ornaments and have enough for 2 trees, I love them all!
    How did you dry your orange slices without them discolouring? Ive tried but they went too dark, probably overcooked.

  12. Dear Rachel...I am so sorry this comment is after the fact. Lots of Christmas hub bub and now in the peace : ) Your tree is darling and I just love your special ornaments...when you open the boxes they are stored in, all those lovely memories come pouring out!! I trust it was a magical Christmas at the farm. I just loved seeing your pictures!!! Wishing you and Paul and Alice the best New Year!!! Many blessings! Love, Sherry xxxx (Saw Tintin and thought of Alice! You must take Wil and see it!)

  13. Merry Christmas Rachel!
    Your tree is darling and I love the tradition of collecting ornaments from around the world over the years, we started doing the same a few years ago and it is so heartwarming when you see them again year after year.
    I hope you, Paul, Alice and your family all had a wonderful Christmas and you are looking forward to celebrating New Years Eve?
    Love Morwenna xoxo


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